Illustrations from Big Bang Press Books (Image Credit: Big Bang Press)

Big Bang Press Funding Fanfiction Authors on Kickstarter

Illustrations from Big Bang Press Books (Image Credit: Big Bang Press)

Illustrations from Big Bang Press Books (Image Credit: Big Bang Press)

What if your shipping of a fandom lead you to creating your own?

That is exactly what Big Bang Press is going to do using funding raised from a Kickstarter Campaign to publish three original books written completely by fanfiction authors. Their slogan? “Original fiction for an original audience.” With the start of their Kickstarter campaign in November, Big Bang Press had raised just under $13,000 of their $40,000 goal before the writers had even finished. Today, they have raised $53,890, exceeding their original target.

Many writers have crazy talent but just can’t seem to hook an opportunity in the mainstream publishing industry. The goal of the Big Bang Press editors is to discover these fresh-faced fanfiction artists and bump them into the publishing field. I am loving this new approach to shining the spotlight on new writers who have different perspectives to share in literature. I believe Big Bang Press is really breaking boundaries with this initiative.

The way they began this campaign is by reaching out to 15 renowned fanfiction writers online and inviting them to submit proposals for original manuscripts.  Through a blind selection, three stories were selected to be funded:

A Hero at the End of the World by Erin Claiborne, centred around a satirical, yet earnest, plot twist on ‘Chosen One’ storylines.

Juniper Lane by Kady Morrison, described as a coming-of-age New Adult piece structured around a queer romance in American suburbia

Savage Creatures by Natalie Wilkinson, labeled by Big Bang Press as a ‘fantasy noir cum psychological thriller set against the backdrop of a grim, quasi-dystopian Europe’ much like our own.

All three books’ plots sound crazy—crazy awesome. Big Bang Press is encouraging novelists who want to push the limits a little and force us to take off our proverbial rose-colored glasses. You can check out excerpts from each book on the Big Bang Press website.

The three books are now on their way to being published and will be released in fall 2014. If you look up comments on some of the feedback out there, you can see the increasing size of their fandom- and fandoms of their fandom. Until the fall, I think I might be joining the mania, keyboard smashing my way towards shipping these new thrillers on the market.

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