Sephora Crystal Nail File (Image Credit: Sephora)

Quirky Item of the Week: Sephora Crystal Nail Files

Sephora Crystal Nail File (Image Credit: Sephora)

Sephora Crystal Nail File (Image Credit: Sephora)

In keeping with my New Years Resolution to be a more conscious consumer, I’ve been using this crystal nail file from Sephora. Not only is it washable, but also, it doesn’t wear down after one use like most disposable files, which are wasteful and ultimately wind up in a landfill somewhere. This handy dandy crystal nail file is durable enough to last you years. Not only that, but it’s adorable, and comes with a matching case that you can easily pop into your purse, should you need to do any emergency filing throughout the day.

Not to mention, disposable files are unhygienic to reuse because they can retain moisture, which, in combination with the nasty skin and nail residue left on the file, can foster the growth of all sorts of fungi and bacteria. Don’t let this happen! Just give your crystal file a quick rinse, or even throw it in the dishwasher! Trust me, it’s crystal—it’s legit.

So stock up! Not only are these files eco-friendly, convenient to wash and hygienic, but they’re also affordable—only $10 USD for a one time purchase, as opposed to continuously returning to the drug store to stock up on packs and packs of disposable files for years to come.

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