Haley, Joe and Kristina of Answerly Book Club (Image Credit: Answerly)

Check out the new book club on YouTube!

Haley, Joe and Kristina of Answerly Book Club (Image Credit: Answerly)

Haley, Joe and Kristina of Answerly Book Club (Image Credit: Answerly)

Answerly is a channel that’s been around for a couple years on YouTube with Hayley G Hoover, Joseph Birdsong (yes, you are remembering him from our interview) and Kristina Horner giving advice on dealing with college, dating/relationships and the nerd/gamer realm. With over 300 videos, the trio has decided that while they love the channel, it’s going to take a different turn in 2014.

Enter their interactive video-based book club!

In case you can’t watch the video now, on Mondays Hayley will be reading books written by women, Joe is bringing humor into the mix on Wednesdays and Friday will bring Kristina’s coverage of Young Adult books because, as she says, “Young Adult is just more interesting.”

If you’re wanting to read more in 2014 than you did in 2013, this is a great way to have a community to report back to and be part of and you’ll have three books to choose from instead of being stuck with one, like you would in a normal book club. I know I’m looking forward to what all three bring to the table and I hope that I can keep up with them all!

Make sure you go subscribe to Answerly on YouTube, but if you’re on Tumblr, so are they! The channel doesn’t have its own Twitter handle, but you can follow Hayley, Joe and Kristina to find out what’s going on as well. So much access should make it easy to keep up and join the conversation.

Let us know in the comments whose book titles you’re most looking forward to checking out!

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