Surprising Facts About Dreams

Lost in Her Dreams (Image Credit: Simone Artibani)

Lost in Her Dreams (Image Credit: Simone Artibani)

Going to sleep is by far the best part of any day. It’s the time when you lie down, forget everything stressful for a bit, and just relax; no worries for the next eight hours while you’re surrounded by cozy blankets and fluffy pillows (a girl can dream, right?). As you close your eyes, you drift off and you are greeted by what we can only hope are pleasant dreams.

Dreams are so interesting, playing like movies while we sleep, and yet there is so much we still don’t know about them. Throughout the years, research has unearthed some interesting facts about dreams and what affects them. Here at The Daily Quirk, we have compiled a list of some of the more interesting ones for your reading pleasure:

Everybody dreams, regardless of what your brain leads you to believe…

The human mind is fascinatingly cruel. It keeps us up later than needed on nights we have to be up early, and it takes us to rooms and then forgets why it sent us there. Worst of all, it’ll let you dream this awesome dream, and then make you forget it as soon as you wake up. Seriously, all it takes is five minutes of being awake for you to forget 50% of what you dreamed, and after 10 minutes, it’s almost like you didn’t dream at all.

That is, unless you have a personality disorder…

Wait, what? But we just learned that everybody dreams, so how is this possible? It’s not exactly how it sounds. People with personality disorders do dream, but if they are being treated for their personality disorder that can cause a lack of dream activity. Certain medications used to treat personality disorders disrupt REM sleep, which is where dreams take place. If you reduce the amount of REM sleep, you reduce the chances of dreaming, which results in dreamless sleep.

Or if you snore.

Snoring is already fairly annoying, but to know it could be causing your inability to remember that dream where you and Liam Hemsworth were totally hitting it off is even more frustrating. Apparently it’s impossible to dream while you’re snoring, but I’ve got good news. Most people who snore have what is known as common snoring, and that typically doesn’t disrupt your dream cycle. People with sleep apnea snoring, however, see reduced REM sleep, which again means your dream activity will be reduced.

Dreaming in color is overrated.

I’m not saying having the ability to see and dream in color isn’t beneficial… I’m just saying that it’d be really cool to say I was one of the 12% of people who say they only dream in black and white. Seriously, I have nothing else to say about that. Just take in how awesome that is, and try not to be too jealous of these lucky 12% who get to view their dreamland in a unique way.

Stress dreams: the struggle is real.

As it turns out, once you go to sleep your mind is still stressed, even if you don’t remember you are. That big exam you have tomorrow? Well it’d be a shame if you had a vivid dream that you overslept, and then you wake up in a frenzy thinking you actually had… at 3:45 a.m. It makes me think of that Scumbag Brain meme. But, take solace in knowing you aren’t alone. The most frequently recalled dreams include themes of: losing a tooth, falling or flying, being nude, arriving late for an exam or some other important event, and being chased or attacked. And, better yet, typically dreams aren’t happy and you’ll spend your eight-hour “me time” feeling angry, sad or scared. That is, if you remember your dream at all.

 Know an interesting fact that wasn’t listed here, or find something out that really got you thinking? Let us know in the comments below. Happy dreaming!

Image courtesy of Simone Artibani
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One thought on “Surprising Facts About Dreams

  1. Olga Blakley says:

    Yeah! its true that when we see a weird dreams and after that we show a reaction towards those dreams which was some surprising and some times awful but nothing to worry that its all dreams and they have some meaning which provide us the lessons and some amazing facts.

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