TEEN WOLF (Image Credit: Matthew Welch/MTV)

5 Things to Look Forward to in ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3B!

TEEN WOLF (Image Credit: Matthew Welch/MTV)

TEEN WOLF (Image Credit: Matthew Welch/MTV)

The intense mid-season opener for Teen Wolf left me frightened, anxious and absolutely elated for the upcoming second half of the season. When the summer episodes ended, it left us with an ominous overtone for the impending events this winter. Scott, Stiles and Allison almost died, accepting dark side effects in order to save their parents. These side effects were in full swing in the returning episode “Anchors,” giving viewers only a small preview into the craziness that is to come. These are the five things I’m looking forward to the most in the upcoming season. 

Lose Your Mind

The slogan for the second half of season three could not be any more perfect. It alludes to the major question of this season: Are they all losing their minds? Scott can’t control his wolf side, as we were introduced to in the first episode. Allison is suffering delusions that always include her aunt, whom died in the first half of season three. For me, the most intriguing of struggles is that of Stiles. He can’t seem to get a grip on reality and decipher if he’s awake or in a nightmare. The opening of “Anchors” highlighted this in a creepy, terrifying way. I can’t wait to see how far the writers of Teen Wolf have gone in developing the questions of mental stability for Stiles.

New and Old Relationships

The promo for the second half of season three made me extremely anxious for new and old love interests. In the first episode, we got a glimpse into how Scott is responding to Isaac’s interest in Allison. Then, in the promo, we see a clip between Scott and Allison that looks like a very intense almost-kiss. However, despite all of the unresolved feelings between Scott and Allison, there is a chance that Scott might have a new love interest. In the first episode, interactions between new girl Kira and Scott allude to a brewing relationship. Do we have a love square on our hands? Not to mention, what the heck is going on with Stiles and Lydia? After an epic first kiss, I have a lot of questions about how and when their relationship will begin to develop.

When the Past Meets the Present

The first episode introduced an old car crash that might prove to be important in the upcoming season. It’s revealed that Sheriff Stilinski is being pushed out of his position as county sheriff. In an attempt to solve some cases before he loses his title, he revisits an old case that he suspects might have been linked to the supernatural. Though not a lot is developed in this episode, I suspect that it was introduced for a reason. I’m excited to see how this particular plot contributes to the climax of the rest of the season.

Deadly Allison

It’s no secret that Allison is deadly with a bow. However, this upcoming season might use that strength in a new way. In the first episode, Allison comes dangerously close to killing Lydia during a hallucination. In the teaser for “More Bad Than Good,” Issac says to Allison, “Show me what to do.” It then cuts to a clip of Issac with a gun in hand, seemingly aiming at Scott. In the promo for the whole season, her father is seen being told he needs to destroy the “dark spirit” even if it’s his daughter. Is there more to Allison’s hallucinations than just the things she sees? Is she being affected more substantially, turning her into someone very dangerous for even her friends?

Demons, Spirits, Murder, Oh My!

If you’ve seen any of the promos or teasers for the upcoming second half of season three, you know that every clip looks dark, crazy and action packed. There are so many new elements coming into the story of Teen Wolf, including dark spirits, demons, samurais and mass murder. I can’t even begin to predict how this will all play into the little we’ve already seen of the season. However, I think it’s safe to assume that season three is going to end with a bang, and keep us on the edge of our seat the entire way.

Needless to say, I expect to “lose my mind” in the episodes to come. In case you missed it, check out this Teen Wolf 3B promo and get pumped. It’s only going to get better!

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