‘Season To Taste’, A Novel with More ‘Body’

Season To Taste or How to Eat Your Husband (Image Credit: Natalie Young)

Season To Taste or How to Eat Your Husband (Image Credit: Natalie Young)

It seems these days a book’s quality is only as good as its shock value. Last year the subject of fetishes and kinky S&M were all the rage. Sorry, Fifty Shades of Grey. Apparently, taboo sex tales just don’t thrill us anymore. Some people, who I like to call “shock-fiction chasers,” are constantly craving those up-and-coming novels with a surprise factor and radical plots that stray far from the boundaries of “social norms,” These readers believe that with a new year should come a whole new level of controversy.

English author Natalie Young has heard these cries and is giving readers something new to devour. Rather, a story of a man being devoured…by his wife.

Yes, you heard me right. The literary world has officially stepped into the subject of cannibalism.

I know that books are always struggling in the field of entertainment compared with movies and video games. So it’s no wonder authors feel the need to write stories with wild plots and such vivid imagery that even the most unimaginative of folk can’t help but envision it. Now we get a novel that focuses on a subject so graphic that we can’t forget about it even if we wanted to.

Set to hit bookshelves in 2014, Season To Taste or How to Eat Your Husband written by Young is a story of a middle-aged housewife who decides to kill and then eat her husband after 30 years of marriage.

Expectations are high for this book to blow up as big as the Fifty Shades series did and it’s no surprise due to this extremely controversial subject. “Shock-fiction chasers” are going to a have a field day with this one. Who knew that such a typically repulsive topic would be thought of as the next “big thing?” It makes me wonder what audiences would think if this book was ever brought to the silver screen. Would the genre change from drama to horror?

Ms. Young has said she wrote this book based off her own experiences and bad feelings toward her divorce and ex-husband. Although she’s never had any desire to actually commit murder and resort to cannibalism, she created her own form of therapy by channeling all the anger from her failed marriage into her writing and creating a realistically emotional work with a side of extreme dramatization.

I can understand the appeal to the unhappily married, to the recently divorced and to those still carrying resentment towards their exes. Reading a book about someone killing and eating their partner might be satisfying. To others, I can also understand the appeal of reading something so outrageous and horrifying like this. It just may be the new literary thrill you’ve been looking for.

To the rest of you, I suppose you’ll have to wait for the release and decide for yourself if Young’s new novel Season To Taste is not something you have the stomach for or if it’s the new craze you can’t wait to sink your teeth into.


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