Pretty Little Liars Line at Aéropostale (Image Credit: Aéropostale/Warner Bros.)

Aéropostale introduces a ‘Pretty Little Liars’ inspired fashion line

Pretty Little Liars Line at Aéropostale (Image Credit: Aéropostale/Warner Bros.)

Pretty Little Liars Line at Aéropostale (Image Credit: Aéropostale/Warner Bros.)

Any fan of the hit ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars is bound to notice the different style personalities of each of the “liars,” and probably has a favorite fashion icon out of these four girls. Well, now fans finally have the opportunity to emulate the characters’ styles for themselves! This month, not only has the new season begun, but Aéropostale has launched a Pretty Little Liars fashion line. The company teamed up with Mandi Line, the show’s costume designer, to come up with four individualized looks representing Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer.

Aria’s style is probably the most unique of the bunch. Through pairing fishnet stocking with stripes and quirky jewelry, or combat boots with a frilly dress, her fashion sense tends to lean towards the more unconventional side. She loves to mix-and-match patterns and styles to come up with a look all her own. Aéropostale has created a very accurately Aria-inspired outfit, featuring a faux leather jacket in either aqua or black, a trendy black-and-white striped crop top, a black ponte side zip skirt, and black combat boots with white polka dots to complete the look.

Hanna, on the other hand, is known for her trendy looks. She is often seen wearing mainstream, feminine looks. Unlike Aria, Hanna loves to put together pieces that work more cohesively, such as a dress, blazer and heels, and finish them off with matching jewelry, such as a statement necklace. For Hanna’s collection, Aéropostale came up with a quite similar look, fashioning her ensemble with a cropped black blazer and pairing it with a lacey, girly dress, offered in the color indigo.

The most casual of the bunch is Emily. She is an avid swimmer, so her athletic style comes across in her personal wardrobe, normally sporting a basic tee shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Often, she’ll pair a look with her signature varsity jacket. Aéropostale came up with a wardrobe for Emily consisting of a grey Lipsticks muscle tee, grey distressed high-rise jeggings and topped the look off with a wool vest jacket that seems to have varsity-inspired leather sleeves and a red torso.

Spencer is undoubtedly the preppiest of the group. In most episodes, she can be found wearing a collared button-down shirt, a pair of dress pants or a modest skirt and either a fitted trench coat or blazer. Being the classy lady that she is, almost all outfits are completed with a set of pearls. Aéropostale’s version of Spencer’s style definitely suits the character. They’ve created an outfit comprised of a tartan sheer chiffon button-down tank, a faux-leather navy skater skirt, a navy “schoolboy” blazer, and a pair of combat boots to spice up the look a bit, offered in either black or light brown.

Finally, we can’t forget about “redcoat,” the most mysterious character from the show. To represent her, Aéropostale is offering a bright red zip-up hoodie with the phrase “Who Is A?” printed on one sleeve. Not only can you dress like your favorite Pretty Little Liars character thanks to this clothing line, but with every purchase you also get a complimentary “Liars Unite” tee. Right now, just about the entire line is fifty percent off, so make your purchases soon!

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One thought on “Aéropostale introduces a ‘Pretty Little Liars’ inspired fashion line

  1. cskroback says:

    Saw an ad in the mall the other day for this line and just about lost it. Really excited to see the PLL fashion on the racks!

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