Killer Queen Advertisement featuring Katy Perry (Image Credit: Katy Perry)

The Best (and the worst) of Celebrity Perfumes

Killer Queen Advertisement featuring Katy Perry (Image Credit: Katy Perry)

Killer Queen Advertisement featuring Katy Perry (Image Credit: Katy Perry)

In this day and age, it seems that anyone who is anyone in the world of celebrities has a perfume. Apparently the sign of making it big is launching a perfume line, which continues to spawn into 50 different perfumes. With so many choices continually fighting for attention, how do you pick a new perfume when you’re ready for a change? I’ve compiled a list of the best and worst celebrity perfumes so you can know which ones to grab and which ones to stay far away from.

The Best

Katy Perry’s Killer Queen

This is a brand new perfume Katy Perry launched over the holidays. This scent is magnificent. It is deep yet sweet and is wearable for any occasion.  It stands out but is not overpowering, which I think is the key to a great perfume.

Rihanna’s Rebelle

This perfume sits on the line of sweet and musky perfectly. It begins soft and subtle and develops into deep and dark. This is a great perfume to wear if you are heading out straight after work. Perfect for anyone who can’t make up their mind between a light, floral scent or a deep, musky scent.

Jennifer Lopez’s Live

You can’t have a list of top perfumes without one from the queen of perfumes. Jlo has built an empire of perfumes, and Live is by far one of the best. It has a deep, defined scent and lasts throughout the day with only a few sprays. It starts out sweet and flows into deep undertones of vanilla and caramel.

And The Worst…

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s Unbreakable

This perfume- or is it a cologne?- is a train wreck. It is a “unisex” perfume, but it shouldn’t be worn by anyone. The scent is neither masculine nor feminine; it just smells strange. It is an odd mix of musk and floral that just sends your nose into confusion. Just don’t do it.

Mariah Carey’s M

Mariah Carey has had mixed success with her perfume forays, and this one is on the downside. The scent is sickly sweet and reminds most of the over the top sweet scents in the plastic bottles we all used in middle school.

Halle Berry’s Halle

We all have had those moments when the lady sitting next to you at the movies has perfume on that is literally unbearable. If you wear this perfume, you will be that woman.  The scent is so overpowering, I wanted to wash it off my hands the second I tested it. Besides being completely overwhelming, the scent smells more like cologne than perfume. The scent is just an overall train wreck.

Armed with this list, you can now know which celebrity scents to beeline to and which ones to stay far, far away from. There are so many choices in the perfume aisle that it can be hard to know where to start, but with this list you can know some bottles to visit and some to pass on by.

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