Surviving the Flu (Image Credit: Ron Chapple)

Ways to Beat the Flu

Surviving the Flu (Image Credit: Ron Chapple)

Surviving the Flu (Image Credit: Ron Chapple)

Tis the season…for the flu. Back in 2009, I caught a form of the flu called swine flu, or H1N1, and for a week I was miserable. A few days into the virus, I just thought I had a cold until I went to the doctor. An outbreak of the virus is once again spreading across the nation. Not to worry though, here are some simple ways in which to beat the flu this season.


Go to the doctor. Even if your symptoms aren’t that severe or if you feel symptoms just beginning to come on, go to the doctor. Your doctor will diagnose you and tell you where to go from there. Being aware of what your body is fighting off will help you figure out how to deal with it and beat it.

Don’t Hibernate in Your Bedroom

It is so easy to hide out in the dark depths of your bedroom when you are sick-not seeing the light of day for a week. Open up your curtains or turn on your lights, because hiding out in the darkness when you are sick will only make you depressed and leave you feeling worse. The only time you should hide out in the dark is when you have a headache or when you are trying to fall asleep.

Also, find different places in your house to rest. Don’t just stay in bed. Find other rooms you can relax in. A change of scenery will also enhance your mood and cabin fever will lessen.

Steam can be Your Best Friend

It seems like a cliché, but soup is so good for you when you are sick. Nice, warm soup or even a warm shower can clear your airways and help you breath easier. A nice warm shower or bath will also help an achy body- the warmth will help loosen you up and calm your muscles.

The worst feeling to me is that you can’t sleep because you can’t breathe, but a humidifier solves that. When I was younger, I used a humidifier, which is great for children and adults who get stuffed up right before they are about to go to sleep.

Stick to a Hot Liquid Diet

Don’t let the title of this section direct you away from eating solid foods. You need solids to keep your energy up, but hot liquids are good for the throat and clearing your airways. Once again, soup is a wonderful medicine for a stuffy nose or a sore throat, but also try some warm tea with honey. Honey is great for soothing a sore throat because of its viscosity and texture.

While I do believe that heat is better for beating the flu, don’t rule out a bowl of sorbet or a cold drink because these can also help cure that sore throat and help regulate your body temperature. Just know how to balance heat and cold.

Germs are Everywhere

Wash your hands! Don’t touch your face! Sneeze into your sleeve! Use A LOT of tissues! If you’re already sick, you need to be extra careful.

If you haven’t already gotten your flu shot, go to a local pharmacy or doctor’s office and get it soon! If you already have the flu or you’re starting to feel the symptoms, follow these simple rules, get a lot of rest, and you’ll be all better very soon!


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