A Pajama Lover’s Style Guide

Stylish Pajamas

Perhaps because I’m a homebody, I have a somewhat unhealthy love for pajamas (or PJs, or jammies… whatever term suits your fancy). Now that I think about it, I probably have too much drawer space devoted solely to pajamas. But I don’t like to wear just any old pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt – oh, no, no. There was a time when that worked for me, but by now, the sleepwear monster in me has developed a strong need to have pajamas that A) are matching (pajama sets are glorious) and B) are stylish.

Lately, it seems to have become easier than ever to find sleepwear that is so fashionable, I’d almost wear them out. When thinking of sparkly tanks, naturally you’d think of them as something you’d wear around town during the summer months, not to bed. Yet, they’re everywhere and so are adorable long sleeve tees and patterned shorts made specifically for making lounging a little more glamorous. Thermal pajama sets seem to be a hot item as of late as well, and for those who appreciate matching pajamas as much as I, it is a trend that is most welcome – particularly this winter, when the United States has seemingly decided to become a frozen tundra.

For those who prefer to sleep sans pants, there have been some particularly fun trends in the nightgown department as well. Boyfriend-style nightshirts have been mighty popular this season, particularly those of the plaid flannel variety. As for those with more girly taste? Nightgowns aren’t just for your grandmother anymore. Some nightgowns are flirty and on-trend enough to wear to work (though that’s not suggested).

Why bother with stylish pajamas, you ask? Well, this may be just a “me thing,” but I know the more put-together I look, the more put-together I feel. Silly as it may sound, if I’m wearing pajamas that I feel snuggly yet somewhat presentable in, by golly, you bet I’m going to finish all of those college essays before calling it a night. Also, I’m a blogger – I’m home typing away on my computer a lot. Between caffeine and the perfect loungewear, I feel like I can accomplish anything and look halfway decent doing it.

Even if you don’t need fashionable pajamas to stay motivated, remember this: you never know whom you might meet in your dreams.

Shopping Links


Dickins Jones pink nightgown
$46 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Knit sleepwear

Silk short pajamas

Skin pima cotton pajamas


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