Henry Cavill as Superman in MAN OF STEEL (Image Credit: Warner Bros.) / Christian Bale as Batman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

All the Latest on ‘Batman vs. Superman’!

Henry Cavill as Superman in MAN OF STEEL (Image Credit: Warner Bros.) / Christian Bale as Batman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Henry Cavill as Superman in MAN OF STEEL (Image Credit: Warner Bros.) / Christian Bale as Batman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Marvel shippers everywhere are going crazy over the news: the two ultimate superheroes are coming together on the big screen for the first time ever with the production of the movie, Batman vs. Superman. The announcement was released at the 2013 Comic-Con with Harry Lennix’s The Dark Knight Returns famous quote “I want you to remember the one man who beat you”.

Not so fast though, because just a few days ago, Warner Bros. announced that they were pushing back the release date all the way to May 6, 2016—a full 10 months after its original release date on July 17, 2015.

So what gives?

Warner Bros. says they need to give Director Zack Snyder and production “time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story.”

They might as well blame it on kryptonite.
But the movement of the film’s debut may also be marketing strategy to avoid the already packed 2015 summer box offices. With announcements of new sequels to The Avengers, Jurassic Park, Terminator, Fantastic Four, and Fast & Furious, fellow movie lovers, am I the only one already stuffing my face full of popcorn over these feels?

All members of the Superman vs. Batman community are probably pretty angry about the recent announcement, but let’s be honest, whether 2015 or 2016, Batman vs. Superman is practically already a confirmed multimillion-dollar picture with all the hype it’s getting with the anticipation of its release. Rumours and breaking news are flying every which way in terms of the casting, but here’s what we’ve got so far.

First off, Henry Cavill is confirmed to be returning as a Clark Kent/Superman. Who is still continuing his search for his place in humanity. On the other side of the coin, we have Bruce Wayne/Batman, a role for which Director Zack Snyder was bent on Ben Affleck to allegedly return as a different hero than we’ve seen Batman portrayed before—a veteran hero who is seasoned and weary from his long service. Regardless of fatigue though, Ben Affleck is sure to be hot for the act. It’s said that Ben Affleck began working out two hours a day right after he was selected to be the dark hero. To update on his progress though, there is whisper that Affleck suffered a leg injury recently but we’re still awaiting confirmation on those reports.

Wonder Woman is also revealed to make her debut in this film- maybe to make up for all the disappointed hype over the rumoured ‘Justice League’ movie. Gal Gadot allegedly beat out Olga Kurylenko, Jaime Alexander, and Elodie Yung for this role. I’m slightly disappointed because I thought Alexander served the better Wonder Woman character, but Gadot will no doubt be the sexier one for the part.

The rest of the cast selection remains to be seen. Terry O’Quinn, Tom Hanks, and Joaquin Phoenix are right now on close watch for the role of Lex Luthor, while Denzel Washington has his hand up for the role of John Stewart/Green Lantern. Amy Adams will also be returning as Superman’s Lois Lane along with Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, and Diane Lane as Martha Kent.

Not much has yet been revealed as for who we get to see on Batman’s side but we do know Commissioner Gordon will be back again for another round. I’m saying a big “whatever” to that though because I’m still waiting on an announcement for the showing of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this one. Batman’s own love interest is also currently in question- the most recent update on this piece is that we will probably see sparks fly between the Bat and Wonder Woman. I can’t argue his choice of women there, but Batman, your choice of car? Not so hot. Apparently the great Batmobile is now rumored to be a Cadillac instead of a Lamborghini.

The rumors keep on flying and the story keeps changing so you have to be quick to stay updated on the film’s movement. On different note, to assuage the letdown of the delay of Batman vs. Superman’s release, Warner Bros. has just announced that replacing the original release date of the Man of Steel sequel is now a new version of Peter Pan. Err… is this the consolation prize? Definitely out of Superman’s league there, but hey, at least they tried.

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