The cast of GIRLS (Image Credit: HBO)

‘Girls’ Season 3: What Do We Want to See?

The cast of GIRLS (Image Credit: HBO)

The cast of GIRLS (Image Credit: HBO)

HBO’s Girls has finally released the long-awaited Season 3. For most fans, going through a whole year of waiting has been a huge let down. We have gone from bursting with excitement to bursting with frustration. Thankfully, as 2014 approached we all remembered that we had some more Girls to look forward to. The problem is, do we actually remember what to look forward to in Girls?

Personally, I think we need to do a re-cap of the Season 2 finale, “Together, to help remind ourselves that we waited a whole year for a good reason. Let’s get to the big plot points a.k.a. the ladies of Girls.



I’m sure we can all remember that Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, was going through a bit of a mental breakdown due to the stress of writing a book. Not only had her problems with OCD appeared again, but I’m sure the threat of being sued on account of spending the “advance” money she received to write the book wasn’t helping either. Feeling abandoned, alone, scared and frankly, a little nuts, Hannah locks herself in her apartment followed by the mistake of cutting her hair with craft scissors and giving herself what looks like a kind of mullet.

Hannah calls Adam just to “check-in” but obviously Adam sees that Hannah is a huge mess. Adam, being the spontaneous and socially-awkward guy that he is, decides to be the hero and runs to her side. Literally, though, he runs…the entire way there. He doesn’t even grab his wallet or his jacket, let alone a shirt, and just continues to “Facetime” with Hannah until he’s able to kick down her locked apartment door and comes to her aid. The episode ends with them kissing. So, what do we want to see in Season 3? We want to see if Hannah’s book drafts ever become functional, if Adam and Hannah’s relationship had become functional and if Hannah’s mind is actually functioning, for once.



This “girl” had a pretty dysfunctional Season 2, as well. Last time we checked, Marnie had no job, no money, no apartment and no man. After she finds out about her ex-beaux Charlie becoming a big success, she goes to find him and eventually they fall back in love and I guess that’s pretty convenient for a girl who’s unemployed and broke. The problem with Marnie’s situation is that Charlie, rather actor Christopher Abbott, has left the show. So, we can only assume that sometime in the world of Girls, between Seasons 2 and 3, Charlie and Marnie split up again and for the last time.

What do we want to see in Season 3? How Marnie is dealing with her break up, finding out why she and Charlie split up and I think we’d like to see her just getting a little bit of luck this season. She was whining way too much during Season 2. It’s time to get a job again, Marnie!



In the Season 2 finale, it became clear to viewers that Shoshana’s relationship with Ray was withering and withering fast. Maybe that’s because Ray is no ray of sunshine and “hates everything” according to little Shosh. Shoshana ends it with Ray but seems to be getting over the break up quickly by hooking up with some cute, blonde guy in a bar by the end of the episode.

What do we want to see in Season 3? Well, Shoshana is no longer a virgin so I think that a little bit more dating drama and sex scandal from her end is due. This new season would be a great time for Shoshana to step it up a notch and come out of her comfort zone.



Where are you? No, seriously. You’ve been missing from the show for several days and, if you count the time between seasons, a whole year! Jessa was not in the season finale. In fact, she hadn’t been in the show since episode 7 of Season 2. Last time we saw her, she was visiting her father out in the suburbs with Hannah. However, she didn’t receive the warm welcome she so desired and abandons Hannah who has to travel back to the city alone. Jessa doesn’t tell anyone where she’s gone or even when she’ll be back. All the characters of Girls and all the viewers are filled with so many questions but we’re all left with no answers.

What do we want to see in Season 3? Jessa. We want to see Jessa. We want to see where she’s gone, why she’s gone and all the other unpredictable shenanigans her predictable character will get into next.

After all this time, after all this excitement and after all this build up, Season 3 of HBO’s Girls has decided to show itself. Now, we’ll get to see all it has to behold that made it really worth the wait.


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