Instagram Etiquette (Image Credit: Arne Trautmann)

Instagram Etiquette for the ‘#igaddict’

Instagram Etiquette (Image Credit: Arne Trautmann)

Instagram Etiquette (Image Credit: Arne Trautmann)

We’ve all done it before. You are eating at a really nice restaurant, and the waiter brings out the dessert. It is the most amazing piece of art you have ever seen-or at least in that moment it is. You take out your phone from your pocket and snap a quick picture of the incredible masterpiece. Then, you go onto Instagram, crop the picture, add a filter (or you don’t, #nofilter), you add a cutesy caption, and finish your picture off with a handful of hashtags.

This is what we are all guilty of doing every time we see something cool or beautiful or interesting. There is a time and place for Instagram, and there is a way to share your pictures without annoying your followers.

First, there is a time and place to take pictures, and it’s not at funerals. Lately, this has been a very disturbing trend on Instagram. People have even taken selfies at funerals, which isn’t appropriate. Instagram is a platform that is used to share extraordinary places and things from other’s points of views. You can almost live vicariously through somebody from their pictures-I don’t think people want to envision themselves at funerals.

If something is private or could potentially be saddening for somebody, it probably isn’t the best place to take a picture. Leave the pictures to vacations, parties, everyday activities and restaurants. And even in those places you should still be polite. Don’t overdo it by snapping a picture of everything!

After you take your pictures, you are probably inclined to immediately go into Instagram and start cropping and filtering away. If you are with friends, families or colleagues of any sort, then save the editing process for later. Pictures are great to capture moments, but if you aren’t actually living in that moment, then what good is the picture? I have been at lunch with friends who have taken 15 minutes to edit pictures of their food in Instagram. Enjoy the moment, Instagram will be there later.

When you finally get to the editing process, it is important to simplify. Don’t be that person that writes a long paragraph about what the picture is of or what you did that day; write a short, to-the-point caption. Followers are more likely to read what you have to say if it is shorter, rather than novel length. Also, don’t kill your picture with hashtags! Use them sparingly. Hashtags should be used to describe the picture in one or two words, and then maybe throw in a clever or funny hashtag afterwards. The same goes for how many posts you share a day. Do not overdo it by posting five pictures everyday. Stick to two or three pictures at most daily-three is even pushing it! Just remember, simplicity.

Instagram is fun and it is a great way to connect visually with other people! If it is used in the right way, it can take you around the world in pictures and you can see so many new places, foods, and people.


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