An Exclusive Interview with ‘Awkward.’ Star Jillian Rose Reed

Jillian Rose Reed (Image Credit: Minh Bui / Styling: The Style Bros / Hair & Makeup: Hallie Dunbar)

Jillian Rose Reed (Image Credit: Minh Bui / Styling: The Style Bros / Hair & Makeup: Hallie Dunbar)

Jillian Rose Reed is dedicated to finding roles that showcase her acting range and comedic talents. Best known for playing Tamara, the sassy and outgoing best friend on MTV’s Awkward., Jillian is excited to show fans another side of her talents, playing a new type of role in the film Confessions of a WomanizerI recently had the opportunity to speak with the incredibly sweet and funny Jillian Rose Reed for an interview on The Daily Quirk where we talked what to expect from Season 4 of Awkward., her upcoming guest appearance on Disney Channel’s Jessie and her exciting role in Confessions of a Womanizer. Check out the interview below!

The Daily Quirk: What can viewers expect from the fourth season of Awkward.?

Jillian Rose Reed: There’s a lot of really awesome stuff happening this season! As viewers know, last season Jenna had took a turn down this dark path and we dealt with really serious issues. Now going into the fourth season, we’re really getting back into ‘the funny’ of it. We still deal with issues that people go through in high school, that’s what our show’s all about. We’re really getting back into that funny good place and we’re experiencing new situations with all of these characters that we haven’t seen or haven’t expected yet. I think it’s going to be a fan favorite season all around.


Jillian Rose Reed and Brett Davern in AWKWARD. (Image Credit: MTV)

Jillian Rose Reed and Brett Davern in AWKWARD. (Image Credit: MTV)

TDQ: What’s in store for Tamara this season?

JRR: A lot of juicy stuff! She’s still going through her romance with Jake and there’s going to be some new issues that they have to get through this season that we haven’t seen or dealt with yet. Some more breakups and makeups…Who knows! I guess we’ll get to see if any of the breakups actually stick this season, because we’ve gone through a lot of those in the past.

TDQ: Are you excited to work with the four new cast members?

JRR: Yeah! They’ve been on set this week and they’re all fantastic and really funny. I think it’s going to add a lot of depth to the show. I know that a lot of people might be a little worried because it’s senior year and we’re bringing in these four new people, but it’s so great and it offers some interesting storylines. I’m really excited.

TDQ: Can you tell us about your latest project, Confessions of a Womanizer?

JRR: Confessions of a Womanizer is a really funny, independent comedy that I shot with Andy Lawrence and Gary Busey. It’s about Andy Lawrence’s character, Richie, who has kind of been unlucky in love and turns to ‘womanizing,’ if you will. He gets to a point in his life where he’s like, ‘You know what, maybe I’m ready for love.’ That’s where I come in. I play Megan, one of his first three serious relationships. I’m the typical girl next door who’s funny and totally in love with Richie, so that provides a lot of comedy, because his character is new to love and my character is all about it. I get dumped in a very funny way.

TDQ: What attracted you to the role of Megan?

JRR: When I read the entire script, I just thought that it was hilarious and that it was unlike any script I had read so far. Megan was this really sweet girl that I haven’t played yet. I play the outrageous, sassy Tamara, and I play the extreme opposite of that as well. When I read Megan, I was just like, this a really sweet character that I haven’t gotten to show my fans that I can do yet, so I was really excited about that. Not to mention when I found out that Andy Lawrence was playing Richie. I was really excited because I’ve been a fan of his forever. So I was really excited to work with him as well.

TDQ: You also worked with Gary Busey on the film. Can you tell us a bit about what that was like?

JRR: It was really fun! I was a little nervous going into it, wondering what the set experience was going to be like. I think that’s how I feel when I go into any new job. Gary Busey was actually really, really fabulous and so funny. They would just let the camera roll and they would just let him talk until they found the funniest thing that he said. Then they would yell ‘Copy!’ because he could go on forever. He was just hilarious. It was a really new and different and very funny experience for me.


Andrew Lawrence and Jillian Rose Reed in CONFESSIONS OF A WOMANIZER (Image Credit: Miguel Ali)

Andrew Lawrence and Jillian Rose Reed in CONFESSIONS OF A WOMANIZER (Image Credit: Miguel Ali)

TDQ: What was it like finding out the world premiere of the film would be at the 2014 Cinequest Festival?

JRR: I was super excited. I’ve never had a film go to a festival before so that’s extremely new for me as well. Fingers crossed that we win everything and hopefully enter some other awesome film festivals.

TDQ: Will you be attending the event?

JRR: I’m hoping to! I’m still in production for Awkward., so I’m just holding my breath waiting for my filming schedule that week and hoping I can take a short flight up there and go see it.

TDQ: Can you tell our readers a bit about any of your upcoming projects?

JRR: Right now, I actually have an upcoming episode of Jessie on the Disney Channel. If you’re familiar with Jessie, she is a wannabe actor and also a nanny. She meets my character, Abby, in an acting class and I quickly become a frenemy, which was really fun to play. Debby Ryan, who plays Jessie, is so funny and such a good actress so that was really great.I think that fans who crossover from MTV to Disney will be really excited to see that.

TDQ: You’ve been recognized as a fashionista on several celebrity blogs, so we have to ask, what are some of your best fashion tips for this spring?

 JRR: My all-time favorite fashion tip that I would give is to dress for what’s best for your body. I have found that since I’m a little curvier, there are some things that I can’t wear and some things that I can totally rock. The most important thing is to learn what looks best on you. For spring, I’m all about those bright colors. I think that neon can be a little crazy, so do it in little increments and place them where they are needed. I love them, and if you need to dress up an outfit with a neon hue, it could be really fun for spring!

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Jillian Rose Reed for taking the time to chat with us! To find out more about Jillian you  can visit her Whosay Site, “follow” her on Twitter and “like” her Facebook Page. And be sure to check out Jillian in Confessions of a Womanizer and Awkward., when it returns for Season 4 in April 2014!


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