Smoky Eye (Image Credit: Sergey Pristyazhnyuk)

Smoky Eye Cosmetic Favorites For the Vixen In You!

Smoky Eye (Image Credit: Sergey Pristyazhnyuk)

Smoky Eye (Image Credit: Sergey Pristyazhnyuk)

If you have any interest in cosmetics at all, then you know just how sexy smoky eye make-up can make a women feel. I mean, what’s not to love? It highlights any eye color, creating a smoldering and seductive look that may leave a lasting impression. Not only has this look been around the block (think Jennifer Lopez, Adriana Lima, Kardasians, ect…) it’s also fairly easy to create on your own face, as long as you find the right shadows and liner for your eyes. I’ve been testing out different liners and shadows to perfect this look for a long time now, because let’s be honest, a smoky eye gone wrong is nothing short of a disaster (think raccoon gone wild). To avoid a catastrophe, I’ve got a solid list of eye shadows and liners that can help you create the perfect smoky eye look.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

This palette is the gift that keeps on giving. Its colors work to create a subtle or dramatic smoky eye, giving you endless options for an evening or day look. The long, bronze palette comes with 12 beautiful and textured neutral shadows. A variety of matte, glittered and shimmery shadows can be used to create a look for many different kinds of occasions. I would suggest this palette for someone who prefers a simpler smoky eye since the colors are more neutral tones. Simple can most definitely be sexy.

Chanel Two Palette Ombre Duo (Image Credit: Lindsay Roussin)

Chanel Two Palette Ombre Duo (Image Credit: Lindsay Roussin)

Chanel Two Palette Ombre Duo

One of my favorite shadows for creating a smoky eye is this Chanel Duo. It’s easy to use because there are only two colors in the entire palette, and believe it or not, they’re really all you need to create the look. Try and find colors that compliment the natural color of your eyes. If you need help finding shades that work with your eye color, Pinterest actually has a ton of suggestions and photos for smoky eye adventurists.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

This may look like just another palette with an array of dark colors and shimmery shadows, but it’s much more. The long black palette is organized by texture and includes colors that can create a dark, black smoky eye, or a more bronze and shimmery smoky eye. The palette also includes an eye shape chart to help users achieve their best look according to the shape and color of their eyes.

Revlon Cream Shadows

These shadows are completely different than the previous, but they’re still just as effective as the rest. With their creamy texture, they are applied on the lid easily, and look both smooth and soft. The cream shadow can also be used applying a Q-tip under the eye to create an even “smokier” look. The best part about this palette is that it’s easy to find and can be purchased at a local beauty store.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner (Image Credit: Lindsay Roussin)

Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner (Image Credit: Lindsay Roussin)

Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner

Now for the liner—one of the most important steps in the process! This eyeliner is applied with a thin brush, and because of its gel-like texture it looks a lot like a liquid liner once it’s applied. I’ve always been able to create a straight line using this eyeliner, which says a lot because I’ve had some serious (and kind of scary) difficulties with other eyeliners in the past. The best part of this gel liner is that it’s available in colors that are perfect for creating a smoky eye. I think I may sound a little product bias right now, but honestly, this eyeliner should be a staple in the smoky eye toolbox.

Before you unleash that smoky eye vixen from within, make sure you review different shadows and liners. Learning how to apply the smoky eye make-up is half the battle, but making sure you’ve got the right tools is what’s going to bring that smoky eye look to the next level. Watch out Cleopatra, here you come.

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