The Cast of AWKWARD. (Image Credit: MTV)

Why You Should Be Excited for ‘Awkward.’ Season 4!


The Cast of AWKWARD. (Image Credit: MTV)

The Cast of AWKWARD. (Image Credit: MTV)

Feeling a little awkward, lately? Me, too. That’s probably because the anticipation for Awkward. Season 4 keeps building and building the closer it gets to the release date.

When we last saw Jenna in the Season 3 finale of Awkward., a monumental realization had been made. In one of her infamous voiceovers, she said, “I can finally be that girl who doesn’t need a boy to be happy, because I’ll know how to dance all on my own.” In non-metaphorical terms, she was content with being alone, seemingly for the first time since the series premiere in 2011. Though all our hearts broke a little bit when we realized Matty might be ready to move on, I definitely think it only adds anticipation for the upcoming season. Not because of impending relationship drama, but because, in the words of Queen Beyoncé, who run the world? GIRLS. I’m excited to see how Jenna embraces her newly found freedom, and how she embarks on the journey to loving herself. Once she gets there, I expect to see her commanding a relationship with a new love interest. Aren’t we all a little tired of sulking? I’m ready to see her take action!

Contrastingly, the end of Season 3 left Sadie straying from her normal “no one and nothing can touch me” attitude and falling in love with the adorable Austin. It’s strange and exciting to see such a strong character become vulnerable for their male counter-part, and I’m on the edge of my seat to see where this leads in the upcoming season. Not only because Austin is incredibly adorable, but also because he’s not afraid to challenge Sadie. They closed out the finale with a kiss, but how will they begin Season 4?

The upcoming season of Awkward. will bring new faces to add to the plot. Here’s what we know so far about the four new characters: Eva, played by Elizabeth Wilson, is an “attention-snatching” girl from New York City. Tyler, played by Kofi Siriboe, is a foreign exchange student from Rwanda. Evan Crooks will play Theo, and Monty Geer will play Cole, newbies that will come “ready to stir the plot.” I’m excited to see what these new characters will bring to the show. New love interests for our original cast, perhaps?

A lot changed for the majority of the cast in Season 3, except for an on-screen favorite, Tamara. Her relationship with Jake had its ups and downs, but they ended the season on a high note after Jake showed up to prom in a leopard print tuxedo. For this reason, I believe the next season is going to be a big one for her. We had a season to fall in love with her and Jake’s nearly picture-perfect relationship, and if I know anything about television, it’s that there will always be trouble in paradise. Stay tuned, guys! Jillian Rose Reed will be here on The Daily Quirk soon to (hopefully) tease a little bit of what’s to come for us!

Awkward. will return to MTV on April 15, 2014. We still have a little ways to go, but all good things come to those who wait, friends.

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