Movie Myths About… Friendship

Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith, Rachel McAdams as Regina George, Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels and Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners in MEAN GIRLS (Image Credit: Paramount Pictures)
Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith, Rachel McAdams as Regina George, Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels and Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners in MEAN GIRLS (Image Credit: Paramount Pictures)

There are countless films made about friendship. Some are unconventional, some display strong bonds and others go through a rough patch or two. However, we all know that most movie plots are idealized. Before you go basing your relationships off of a fictional story, make sure you don’t get caught up in the following myths.

A magical piece of clothing can unite you and your friends

Everyone who has ever seen The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants has probably wished for a fleeting second that they, too, could find a pair of jeans that miraculously fit their entire friend group. Well, unless you all happen to be strikingly similar in size, this is probably not likely. Although we all loved the idea of sending around pants to Lena in Greece, Bridget at soccer camp, Tibby in Maryland and Carmen while she meets her father’s new family, wouldn’t you get a little grossed out by the “no washing” rule? Sending around a journal might be a cleaner, more realistic option.

Best friends can share a significant other

Yes, it works for the characters in Savages, but I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home. I’m sure that there are some people out there who would disagree, but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us aren’t on board with the idea of sharing our boyfriend or girlfriend with a friend. This will probably lead to some major jealousy, heated arguments and a loss of both the friend and significant other. Nobody wants to be in a love triangle.

People with opposite personalities will be BFF’s

Even if you’ve never seen either Sex and the City movie, it probably is a safe bet that an episode of the show has caught your attention over the last 15 years it’s been aired. The famous foursome is comprised of Carrie, the blogger and fashionista, Charlotte, the conservative goody two-shoes, Miranda, the cynical lawyer, and Samantha, the dominant seductress. Their friendship is portrayed as a perfect one, but let’s be real, wouldn’t these extreme personalities seriously clash? Sure, friends can be different, but a group that diverse is hard to come by.

You can ruin your friends’ lives and expect forgiveness

Make no mistake, Regina George is not one to model yourself after if you want to maintain any friendships. Mean Girls will always be a generation favorite, but I guarantee people won’t be your friend if you make fun of their clothing, tell their crush lies about them being obsessive or call them stupid. Most of all, nobody will think it’s awesome if you punch them in the face. Not everyone has a Cady Heron around to inspire forgiveness at the spring fling.

Saturday detention leads to friendship

No student dreams of receiving a Saturday detention, but The Breakfast Club made the idea of it seem a little less painful. I can’t speak from experience, though I’d still be willing to bet that most detentions are not occupied by gallivanting around the school, smoking behind the principal’s back, and divulging your deepest secrets to the strangers that you happen to be stuck with. Although it is heartwarming to see all five students become fast friends by the time detention is up, there are probably better methods to get to know your peers.

These on-screen friendships are some that we all know and love, but don’t fall prey to the myths. After all, there’s a reason this stuff only happens in movies.

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