St. Vincent (Image Credit: Jason Persse)

What’s the big deal about… St. Vincent?

St. Vincent (Image Credit: Jason Persse)

St. Vincent (Image Credit: Jason Persse)

Let me just start off my clarifying that the St. Vincent I’m referring to is not an actual Saint. However, it does refer to the stage name of singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, Annie Erin Clark.

To give you a bit of a background story, our artist is an All-American girl born in Tulsa, Okla. Realizing her love for music at a young age, Clark attended Berklee School of Music in Boston. But, like all those destined for fame like Bill Gates, Ellen DeGenres, and even Brad Pitt, she also dropped out of college. Apparently, after just three years at Berklee, Clark decided that grades and standardized testing just wasn’t for her.

Shortly after leaving Berklee, Clark joined a pop rock choral group called The Polyphonic Spree. Eventually, she left the group and went on tour with Sufjan Steven’s band and developed her first solo EP, Paris is Burning.

Later that year, Clark finally started recording her first studio album and thus, St. Vincent was born!

So, at this point you may be wondering why I’m taking this time to rave about this musical artist. St. Vincent may not be big deal in the world of music right now, but this is the part where I get to tell you why she should be.

Starting with her title, I can tell you right now it has nothing to do with ego and calling herself a “saint.” It’s a lot more sentimental than that. Her reason for choosing this stage name? It’s a reference to Saint Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center, the death spot for Welsh poet Dylan Thomas who passed in 1953. 

St. Vincent’s music focuses on the genre of indie pop, baroque pop and art rock. In other words, she doesn’t write your everyday mainstream tunes. She dares to be different and creates experimental music. St. Vincent uses a wide variety of instruments such as flutes, clarinets, trumpets, violins and cellos to create complex musical arrangements for her songs and she writes lyrics that some say border between happiness and madness. Basically, her music is set to blow your mind.

What else makes this girl stand out? Other than being signed to a label, St. Vincent’s work is entirely her own. Not only does she write her own songs and do her own vocals, but this saint is blessed with musical talent in guitar, bass, the keyboards and the theremin.

ACTOR Album Cover (Image Credit: St. Vincent)

ACTOR Album Cover (Image Credit: St. Vincent)

This artist gains several more “awesome” points after gathering inspiration from movies (Disney movies included) to write her second album, Actor (2009).

On a more personal note, before I end this rant, I can proudly say that I can vouch for this great artist. She was the opening act to my first concert ever, Death Cab for Cutie, in the year 2006. Although I remember having trouble remembering her name at first, I mostly recall thinking how amazing she was. Her voice was smooth and velvety, and her songs had such a perfect mix of pop rock, folk and alternative rock with a touch of jazz. It was such a complete and satisfying musical experience. Thinking back to it now, all I can think of is how lucky I’d be to see her perform live again. I certainly suggest the same to all of you.

In conclusion, I think you all need to look up St. Vincent and improve upon your musical education because, well, she’s kind of a big deal.

Image Courtesy of Jason Persse

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