10 Gifs or Less: Getting to know ‘Bones’


There’s just something about a show like FOX’s Boneswell into its ninth season and just recently renewed for a Season 10 (possibly its final), that keeps viewers coming back for more. The wonderful chemistry between co-stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz play an obvious role, combined with the many talented supporting cast members that round out the Bones family. Add in the wonderful sets, witty dialogue and just-this-side-of-creepy killers (i.e. the Gravedigger, Gormogon, Pelant) and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a procedural crime drama.

But Bones isn’t just a procedural crime drama, and these reasons above are not where the magic lies. And even though it’s impossible to convey that magic in 10 gifs, I’m going to try.

This is Doctor Temperance Brennan of the Jeffersonian. She’s kind of a genius.


And this is Special Agent Seeley Booth, her ex-sniper, related-to-John-Wilkes-Booth, FBI partner.


And in the beginning, this was there partnership.


Besides the minor change in relationship status and the child (no big deal or anything), not much has changed.

They work together with the Squints (which include)…


a billionaire bug man, an artistic free spirit, a tough-as-nails, ex-New York coroner and a “sweet” psychiatrist with a sad past

…and some Squinterns…


…to solve various crazy, sometimes nauseating, murders with (mostly) just the bones of the victims.


But at the heart of it all, Bones is a story about friendship…




Ah, those pesky teacher-outlaw-murderer fathers. They never know how to shop for gifts.

…embracing your inner crazy…


Sometimes, life just needs a dance break, you know?

…and, of course, science.


In the end, Bones has managed to survive this long because its characters breathe Life into Death, find Hope into Disorder and bury tragedy in triumph. It’s a show where the good guys might not always win, but the bad guys always lose. And that’s where the magic can be found.

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