Cleaning (Image Credit: Tono Balaguer)

5 Things (You Probably Didn’t Realize) You Should Be Cleaning Regularly

Cleaning (Image Credit: Tono Balaguer)

Cleaning (Image Credit: Tono Balaguer)

Being that it’s relatively early in the new year, it’s still okay to amend resolutions and goals. A lot of times I hear people aspiring for healthier choices. One of the healthiest things people can do is clean! You should think beyond surface cleaning like doing laundry, wiping counters or changing the air filter, and  never underestimate the power of germs! This add these five items to your cleaning routine to give yourself the freshest year yet.


The first thing I run to when one of my roommates gets sick is the doorknobs. I pull out those disinfectant wipes like it’s a dire emergency. And doorknobs shouldn’t just be a hot-spot on the cleaning list when the sniffles come out. I especially recommend wiping over doors that lead to bathrooms or the outdoors. Most foot traffic in living spaces will be coming in/out or to the bathroom inevitably. Sneezy-hands, jelly-fingers and less frequent hand-washers will all grace your door knobs at some point. Even if you’re super clean, you can still pick something up from this commonly forgotten spot.

Coffee Makers

If you’re still using the traditional drip-drop coffee pot, you should probably clean it. At an office I worked in a co-worker showed me how to make sure I kept the system clean. We would run a half-and-half mix of water and white vinegar through, running half of the mixture for one brew and then the rest for a second round. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Martha Stewart has simple instructions for using vinegar and water to clean your coffee maker.

Laundry Bags

I never thought about cleaning a laundry bag until I helped my teenage brother out with his laundry one day. Being the athlete that he is, his uniforms and practice gear are gross and smelly by the end of the day. For the same reason that you would not want dirty gym socks in your closet for a month, you do not want a nasty hamper either. If you’re using a cloth bag, just toss it right in with load sometime. What if you have a plastic hamper or the like? No fear, a disinfectant spray or wipe should do the trick.

Yoga Mats

Hopefully, you can spring for our own yoga mat, but you might be sharing a mat with different people in your home or have to use a community mat at times in a yoga class, and either way they need to be cleaned. Yoga mats get sweat on them. While winding up with someone else’s swear on you is bad enough, you also run the risk of picking up athlete’s foot. Take a disinfectant wipe to that mat and do yourself a favor.


This is the one thing on this list I feel like by now most people know in theory they should clean. However, I don’t know anyone who actually cleans their phone regularly (myself included). Phones are pretty much our constant companions. We take them outside, to the office, the bathroom, school—everywhere. What’s more is we touch them all day and put them on our faces. This too can be wiped down simply. Peel off your phone’s precious protection cases and clean those too sometime. If you notice something stuck in the creases just use a toothpick to remedy that. Your facial pores will thank you.

As you can see, most of these things can be cleaned up with a good disinfectant spray or wipe. It doesn’t take a lot to cut-down on pesky grossness that could potentially get you sick. Even if you don’t notice an upswing in your immune system, you’ll probably sleep better knowing all is clean.

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