7 Valentines Day Gifts for the Fashionista by Kelsey Murray of Tickle Me Pink

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Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday like any other. It’s a day to state your love for the important people in your life. Whether it be your sister, your best friend or your hubby, Valentine’s is a day in the middle of an otherwise-gloomy month, to express your admiration for loved ones. I must say, as a fashionista, anything pink, red or sparkly really makes me smile. Combine all three? I jump for joy! So why not get an adorably-chic gift for the fashionista in your life? Or even show yourself a little love for that matter? Any or all of the above will certainly do the trick!

BaubleBar Earrings

Rather inexpensive? Check! Gorgeous? Check! Crystal and dangly? Check! These earrings won’t break the bank and they’ll make a huge statement.

Kate Spade ‘Two of a Kind’ Wine Stoppers

How adorable, quirky and oh-so-Kate Spade are these wine stoppers? Any fashionista pays attention to detail. A personal gift like this says you truly get her.

Coach Bag

How amazing are the Coach bags this season? It’s like they read my mind. The cut and color of every piece totally rocks my world. As I have pronounced in the past – blush is one of my favorite colors, especially for spring!

NARS Schiap Lipstick

This is my go-to lip shade! As a girl with a rather fair complexion any hot lip hue makes my face brighten. Schiap is a transition shade – it will simmer in the summer months and is girly glam for Valentine’s date night.

Nastygal Pink Pumps

These suede pumps are the perfect shade of pink.

Heart Barrettes

Confession: when I came across these barrettes I ordered more than one. Rather one for every special women in my life. No girl is going to want to spend money on something like a fancy hair tie. So do it for them! They’re playful and fun.

Zara Pink Jacket

I need, want and adore this pink jacket. Collarless coats are one of the biggest trends for spring 2014 and this color is just right. Wear it over an all black ensemble or mix it with a floral patterned dress. It’s girly and flirty and trust me when I say we will see it on many editors at fashion week this month.



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