Artist Jenipher Lyn (Image Credit: Jenipher Lyn)

An Exclusive Interview with Inspirational Doodle Artist Jenipher Lyn

Artist Jenipher Lyn (Image Credit: Jenipher Lyn)

Artist Jenipher Lyn (Image Credit: Jenipher Lyn)

Jenipher Lyn is an artist whose book of doodles titled Being Stubborn, Depressed & Unpopular SAVED My Life was recently funded by Kickstarter. The book’s encouraging themes are targeted towards tweens, teens, 20-somethings and beyond. Jenipher’s goal was to publish a book that would help young women, especially, realize they aren’t alone on those “lowest of low” days we all have now and then. The book includes many colorful illustrations and text that encourage positive thinking.

In this exclusive interview, we learn more about how Jenipher Lyn began her project, why her book is like no other, what her self-discovered purpose in life is and how we can all be a little more awesome.

The Daily Quirk: When you began this project, did you have the intention of it becoming a book?

Jenipher Lyn: Not at all! I was actually just going through a rough ‘I’m not enough’ day one afternoon in early 2013 and ‘accidently’ created the very first page of the book. After creating that page, I became ecstatically excited when I realized what my purpose in life is—it’s to encourage as many people as possible!

TDQ: Why is this project important?

JL: This book essentially doesn’t exist! It’s the book I wish I had when I was younger, and what I hope will be extremely helpful to so many girls and women! Unlike many encouraging books, my goal was to write and illustrate something easy to read and relate to—and something that’s visually stimulating! Something raw and honest—not all sunshine and butterflies. I am 100 percent sure that is what I created! Yay!

TDQ: What impacts do you hope your book will have on readers?

JL: I hope they realize that they can overcome depression. That they can overcome an eating disorder. And that there’s a light not at the end, but in the middle of the tunnel!

TDQ: What are some of the deeper issues and problems the book covers?

JL: Depression, eating disorders, and ambition, oh my!

TDQ: How do you think this book will help readers solve problems they may have?

JL: I honestly don’t think my book will solve problems, but my hope is that my readers understand that they aren’t alone in their feelings.

TDQ: Describe the place you were in during your life when you began this project.

JL: I was on the verge of things making sense, but I was comparing myself a ton to my peers and close artist friends. I spent a lot of time wondering why things weren’t going smoothly for me in my journey and business, and I was wondering what I was doing wrong… like all the time.

TDQ: What words of advice do you have to give other young adults who are currently going through hard times?

JL: You are not alone. Even if it feels that way! What has helped me get to this point is drawing my feelings. Then maybe if I’m feeling okay, I’ll journal out that doodle, but often I’m more of a doodler then a journalist. On the worst of worst days, I severely encourage you to reach out to anyone you trust. They love you, and even just talking to them will help you feel a little lighter! I promise!

TDQ: Have you always had a love for drawing?

JL: Here and there throughout life, but I wasn’t ever really focused on drawing. I was more focused on making jewelry to be honest. I didn’t really start drawing until 2010.

TDQ: What made you decide to start doodling in the first place–Why doodles?

JL: I was in the beginning of my breaking point, and a wise friend of mine challenged me to ‘just draw a doodle a day, it could be anything you want.’ I wanted to make sure I kept myself accountable, so I posted a doodle every night on Facebook and asked people to help keep me accountable. It sounds crazy now, but those first doodles are still some of my favorites. There are some that are great and many that are sad, but all of them were made with a splash of hope that life would be better soon.

TDQ: What is your life like now?

JL: Life feels more real, like I have more purpose now. I still go through ups and downs, but I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and that I can use my struggles to help people. I finally feel like what I’m doing is important!

TDQ: Anything else you would like to share?

JL: You are awesome just by being you!

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Jenipher Lyn for taking the time to talk with us! To find out more about Jenipher and her new book, you can check out her Kickstarter, follow her on Twitter and like her page on Facebook.

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