Fashionable Frames for Every Style!

Fashionable Frames

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Glasses can be a hassle, but they can also be an excellent accessory. It can be hard to choose a pair while in the Dr.’s office, so we found seven chic options you can hunt for before your new specs are due. No one will call you four eyes in these lovely frames!

1. Old Fashioned Glam

These wide cat-eye glasses scream glamour and are perfect for anyone wanting the spotlight. The metal Versace logo on the side brings a modern twist. Great from work to glam glasses!

2. Wireless Perfection

Some of us just love to be wireless in all areas of our life. These bottom wireless frames from Essential Eyewear allow more focus on your eyes and not your frames.

3. Cute in Coach

Die hard Coach fan? Then these are the glasses for you.  With the signature Coach emblem on the side and fabric like inside design, these frames are a perfect match for your coach bag, wallet, shoes… whatever Coach item you adore.

4. Slim and Simple

If you want simple frames to accent any look, this pair by Ralph by Ralph Lauren Eyewear is the winner. The medium copper shade will go with any outfit and flatter most skin tones.

5. Funky and Fabulous

Fashionistas who want the perfect in style pair will love these frames from Essential Eyewear. Thin arms balance the large lenses and the half pattern reflects the fun ombre we’re all wanting for our hair.

6. Color Peek-a-boo

Traditional, thick tortoiseshell frames get a pop of aqua blue in these Kate Spade frames. Along with the mixed color striping on the side, this pair will compliment any outfit.

7. Pink Heaven

You can be pretty in pink with these sassy rectangle frames from Ralph Lauren. They’re perfect for anyone who wants indulge their girly side!

If you were considering getting new frames, now you won’t have any doubts about whether there are chic frames out there. Just because you might be semi blind doesn’t mean you don’t have taste. Have a fun time picking out your favorite of the bunch and rocking frames instead of contacts.



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