Fashion with Character: Clara Oswald of ‘Doctor Who’

Clara Oswald

I recently took a quiz called “Which Doctor Who Companion Are You?” (admit it, Whovians: you’ve all wondered this at some point). The result was the Doctor’s current travel buddy, Clara Oswald. This was pleasing but not surprising, as I’ve noticed from the time that we were first introduced to Clara that I share a fair amount of similarities with her. While she a might be a close match personality-wise, her wardrobe is admittedly way more awesome than mine. Indeed, this (not-so-impossible) girl’s clothes evoke major envy in me.

Clara’s style is a bit eclectic. She manages to strike the perfect balance between girly and edgy, all while remaining appropriately clothed for her latest adventure through space and time. She typically pairs a colorful, Peter Pan-collared A-line dress with a rugged leather jacket and ladylike stockings with combat boots.

To top off her already interesting clothing choices, she is also a huge accessory lover. When she clutches her beloved cup of tea, it’s pretty easy to spot her admirable ring collection. For this particular outfit that I’ve whipped up (like a soufflé, if you will), I picked out a bowtie ring in addition to a collection of stackable rings. I imagine it’s something Clara could enjoy wearing; after all, bowties are cool. She can often be seen wearing a charm bracelet or watch and a dainty necklace. For this look, I chose a gold leaf necklace to pay tribute to her origins and charm watch – not that it would be much help while time traveling.

Put all of these pieces together and you will look like one of the most fashionable companions ever. You’ll look so much like her, in fact, that you may begin to wonder if you’re just one of Clara’s echoes! Now all that’s left to do is pack your bags (with similarly cute outfits, obviously) and listen up for the TARDIS.

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