Mark, Paul, Alma and Donnie Wahlberg for WAHLBURGERS (Image Credit: Zach Dilgard/A&E)

Why you should be watching A&E’s ‘Wahlburgers’!

Mark, Paul, Alma and Donnie Wahlberg for WAHLBURGERS (Image Credit: Zach Dilgard/A&E)

Mark, Paul, Alma and Donnie Wahlberg for WAHLBURGERS (Image Credit: Zach Dilgard/A&E)

What do you get when you mix together a New Kid on the Block, a mega movie star and a top-notch chef? The Wahlbergs, of course! And when they decide to combine all of their talents and star power and open a restaurant specializing in burgers and holding tight onto long-standing family traditions and memories, you get A&E’s newest reality show Wahlburgers, which highlights the burgeoning restaurant of the same name. In case the fact that you can see your favorite Wahlberg once a week does not peak your interest enough, then consult my list of the Top 5 reasons to tune in to A&E’s Wahlburgers.

“Our family, our story, our burgers”

This is not just the slogan of their restaurant; this is practically their business model. After watching just one episode of this new reality show, it’s clear that family comes first for the Wahlbergs. The whole concept for the restaurant came from memories of their father cooking burgers for his nine children. With nine hungry mouths to feed, burgers would be the quickest, easiest and probably the tastiest thing to make. It’s these memories of the family getting together around the dinner table that inspired the opening of Wahlburgers restaurant, and it is the hard work and dedication by the members of this family who are keeping the restaurant afloat.

Family Fun

Watching the family dynamic unfold right before your eyes is quite entertaining and each family member is a unique character that brings something to the show. There is Alma, the matriarch of the family, who brings an adorable edge and a caring heart to the show. She’s the mother, the hostess at Alma Nove, the family’s other successful restaurant, and at times she’s the comic relief. Then there’s Paul, the often stressed, over-worked older brother, and chef, who has to have a hand in the entire operation and finds it difficult to give up control. Then there are the brothers everyone knows well; Mark, the famous movie star/producer who wants to see this business thrive, and Donnie, the singer/dancer/producer and self-proclaimed “mother’s favorite” who brings light-hearted fun to the show. Through all the stress and shenanigans they still remain the close-knit family that has brought them success thus far.

Boston Strong

This family has great pride in their state, so much so that it’s practically another character in the show. Though they grew up in Dorchester, their flagship Wahlburgers location is in Hingham, Massachusetts, a mere 15 miles from Boston. It also happens to be across the street from their first restaurant, Alma Nove, which is a little more upscale version of their signature cuisine. The pride they have in their state is undoubtedly shared with fellow Boston residents and it was a no-brainer to open a restaurant there. After all, it’s their home. And if you are anything like me, then you too will find their Bostonian accents quite entertaining!

Bring on the Burgers

The care and quality that Paul and his staff put into every burger they make is enough to leave any viewer clamoring to get their hands on one, but one glance at the menu and I was on my way to buying a one-way ticket to their location in Hingham! They feature original twists on classic burgers and has something for everyone’s tastes: “You can walk in an choose from four different types of burgers, including a 100 percent all-natural, a salmon burger with Asian spices, a turkey burger and a veggie burger,” Paul told Local Luxe in 2011.

The menu is quite extensive and is a burger paradise for people like me who’re perfectly content with eating nothing but burgers for the rest of my life!

For the Love of Food, For the love of Family

One thing I noticed while watching this show is that they all really care about their family, and their family’s business. That same level of dedication they have for their family, they bring into the business and you can see that in every burger they prepare. With Paul’s hard work and dedication, Mark’s star power and Donnie’s hilarious antics and humanity there is no doubt that people will continue to come flocking to their restaurants. Being a part of a close-knit family myself, I find it refreshing to see that sort of family highlighted on reality television. They love each other and they love what they do and it definitely shines through, and at the end of the day these are the kind of people I want to see succeed.

The Wahlberg brothers, delicious burgers, and light-hearted fun is more than enough to keep me tuned in to A&E’s Wahlburgers, and clearly the formula has worked for other viewers too! Since the show follows A&E’s other successful family reality show Duck Dynasty, they have seen a boost in ratings and A&E has ordered 18 more episodes. So now everyone can get their fill of their favorite Wahlberg!

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