Ginger (Image Credit: The Delicious Life)

Ginger: Mother Nature’s Cure all

Ginger (Image Credit: The Delicious Life)

Ginger (Image Credit: The Delicious Life)

If you have ever taken ginger ale for an upset stomach, then you are aware of its miraculous powers to instantly make you feel better. But did you know that there are surprisingly many more uses for ginger? Read on for the surprising health benefits of ginger.

Not Just for Cooking

Ginger is commonly used in stir fries and in Asian foods for its spicy, pungent flavors, but it has also been used for over 2,000 years in China to soothe upset stomachs, treat nausea and aid indigestion. It can even help pregnant women experiencing morning sickness in their first trimester. In a 2009 study, ginger, when taken alongside anti-vomiting medicine, reduced chemotherapy-related nausea in cancer patients by 40 percent. Seems that ginger is just the kick needed to knock nausea symptoms right out!

Soothes Achy Joints

What can be more relaxing after a long and stressful day than taking a warm, bubbly bath? How about a warm, bubbly bath mixed with a few drops of ginger essential oil to soothe your achy muscles? Whether you worked out too hard at the gym, or the rainy weather is making your body hurt, ginger could be the answer you have been looking for. While ginger essential oil is not a cure for arthritis, it has been shown to help soothe the ache in the joints and help with loss of movement; and it gives you an excuse to kick back in a bath and let Calgon take you away!

Cure for the Common Cold?!

Well not exactly a cure for the common cold, but ginger is commonly prescribed by Chinese doctors to treat cold symptoms. The ginger root acts as an antihistamine and decongestant, two effects that can help ease your cold! Whether you decide to put it into a warm cup of tea and snuggle up under a blanket, or you want to chew right on the root, just make sure you get your fill of ginger to make that cold history.

There you have it, the many wonderful health benefits of ginger. Whether you are using it to soothe an upset stomach, a cold or achy joints, there is more than one way to use mother nature’s cure-all! 


Image courtesy of The Delicious Life

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