Workout Apparel Trends for Spring 2014

Fitness Trends in Article

As spring approaches, it’s seriously time to start thinking about the ways we can get our body prepared for (wait for it…) bathing suit season. Yep, I said it. Winter will be behind us sooner than we think, and as we start preparing our body for those little sundresses and bikinis—it’s also time to think about the apparel we wear as we strut our stuff at the gym. Workout clothing has gotten significantly more fashionable in the last decade (remember those “swishy” track suits), and is continuing to become more stylish with each season. Whether you’re into bright neon spandex, or more subtle black and white patterns, this spring season brings comfort and style together, to have you feeling both sexy and confident at the gym.

It seems like this whole neon-trend-thing has been around for a while—but there’s got to be a reason this look has come back, and stayed. The bright colored spandex and neon colored “norts” (Nike shorts) have taken a hold on the workout apparel world. To put it simply, I think this has a lot to do with the fact that these colors are fun, and can add some originality to the workout wardrobe you create. Try pairing a neon sports bra (like the hot pink Nike bra pictured) with a light color top to create some contrast.

Victoria Secret and Nike both offer different sports bra styles and fits—plus, if you’re looking for a little “pick me up”, they both offer “push-up” style sports bras. Choosing the right style sports bra for your body type is important, not just for looks, but also for comfort. The best way to know you’ve found a sports bra that works for you is by trying the different styles on. One of my favorite looks this season is the LuLuLemon Free to Be Bra. This bra is breathable, and fashionable at the same time. If you’re a Yoga or Pilate’s fan…you almost have to check out this line of sports bras.

If you’re one of those people that are kind of over bright-neon colors, or would just prefer something subtler—do not be discouraged. This spring season offers plenty of workout apparel that’s both simple, and attention grabbing at the same time. Black and white patterns have always been a timeless look, and work out apparel is no exception to that rule. Plus, Alexander Wang clearly agrees with me, considering he’s designed some fashion-forward workout apparel that’s classy, comfortable and yes…simple. His super chic and modern sports bra would look great paired with black or charcoal yoga pants.

As we get our butts (and other body parts) prepared for the spring months ahead why not try and work out in style this season? Whether you want to try bold and daring colors, or a more chic, simple look—there is no reason why you can’t look like the best version of you this spring!


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