Fun (Image Credit: Mark Sebastian)

Free Things to Do to Keep Busy this Weekend!

Fun (Image Credit: Mark Sebastian)

Fun (Image Credit: Mark Sebastian)

Ah…The weekend. The perfect time to relax and hang out with friends. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, sometimes it becomes hard to come up with fun things to do. Luckily, I have discovered 5 awesome ways to make the most of the weekend. Check out these ideas!

Instagram Challenge

There are no rules on your Instagram feed… So why not tell a story through a series of posts? Create a series of photos according to a theme, like ‘Every Animal I’ve Seen Today’ or ‘Purple Photos.’ See if you can get your message across with no caption, or challenge yourself to post as many photos as possible before midnight. You’ll have fun and you’ll keep your Instagram friends entertained all weekend long.

Have a Skype Date

It’s hard to keep in touch with friends that you don’t see on a regular basis. This weekend is your chance to catch up with a friend or family member that lives far away from you. There will be a million new things to talk about! Plus, did you know that Skype has an assortment of secret animated emoji? Try typing ‘(hug),’ ‘(pizza),’ or ‘(dance)’ next time you’re chatting with a friend. You can find the entire list of hidden emoji online!

Exercise Indoors

Is it still too cold to venture outside? Challenge yourself to find ways to get fit without leaving your apartment! There are plenty of exercises that can be done inside the comfort of your home. You can jog in place, do jumping jacks or dance! If you don’t have much space to stretch inside your apartment, try looking up ‘Office Yoga’ on Google. There are several websites that feature yoga poses that you can practice in tiny spaces, including at your desk! So even if you stuck in your room all weekend due to the weather, you can take a fitness break and feel rejuvenated.

Recipe Challenge

Time to get creative! Make a list of all the ingredients that are in your kitchen right now. Without buying anything, try to conjure up a delicious new recipe! You might find out that tortillas and peanut butter are the perfect combination. Remember that powdered sugar works with everything, and if you’re hesitant, add Nutella! If you’re hanging out with friends, have each person make their own specialty and then enjoy the feast together. It’s bound to be silly and delicious!

Make a Movie or Music Video

You’ve probably spent hours watching fun and hilarious videos on YouTube. Spend the weekend making your own fun short film. There are plenty of options; a prank video, a music video, a vlog or even a web series! Choreograph a dance routine or show off one of your hidden talents and capture it on your camera phone. You could even record yourself doing one of the above options in this article – Your video may go viral!
Enjoy your weekend!


Image courtesy of Mark Sebastian
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One thought on “Free Things to Do to Keep Busy this Weekend!

  1. Margarita G Martin del Campo says:

    Thank you Emily, I will keep in touch with my friends this rainy weekend, and I will try to exercise indoors too!

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