The Cast of RAVENSWOOD (Image Credit: ABC Family)

Why we’re sad to see ‘Ravenswood’ go…

The Cast of RAVENSWOOD (Image Credit: ABC Family)

The Cast of RAVENSWOOD (Image Credit: ABC Family)

When I first heard about ABC Family’s Ravenswood, I was a bit confused about what it was. Was it a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars? Or was it a completely separate show that stemmed from the same world as my beloved Liars, but had nothing to do with them?

As I started to hear more about the show, I became even more intrigued. The writers kept the details tightly under wraps, but when I saw the first posters of the cast I became excited. It turns out the show was going to be a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, starring none other than Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn).

Ravenswood got its start after the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, when Hannah (Ashley Benson), Caleb’s girlfriend, urges Caleb to stay and help her new friend Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) navigate the creepy town and find her family.

Once the show began, Caleb and Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) were searching for Miranda’s uncle, Raymond Collins (Steven Cabral), who resides in Ravenswood. While the pair is there, supernatural events begin to happen, and they end up meeting Luke Matheson (Brett Dier), Olivia Matheson (Merritt Patterson) and Remy Beaumont (Britne Oldford).

After a car accident involving all five teens sends their car plunging into a river, the group begins to discover that their accident was anything but an accident. As they dig deeper, they unravel a secret that has been embedded in Ravenswood history for 100 years.

Now, after only 10 episodes, ABC Family has decided to scrap Ravenswood, and I’ll admit that I’m a little sad about it. I think the show had true potential as a wonderful drama like its sister show Pretty Little Liars. The drama was there and the suspense was there, so why did it get the boot after only 10 episodes?

Honestly, I think it was because it wasn’t a standalone show. Now don’t get me wrong, I think the way the producers tried to do a spinoff was genius by including characters from Pretty Little Liars, but it was just poorly executed. I think Ravenswood could have done so much better if it spent less time overlapping characters and storylines from Pretty Little Liars.

I have so many questions regarding the final episode that I just can’t be happy with the show being over. If you haven’t watched an episode, I recommend you stop reading now, because I’m about to write out some serious spoilers.

In Episode 10, the only storyline that was sort of wrapped up was Original Caleb and recently dead Miranda’s, and that might be stretching it a bit. The finale has left me wondering…

With Dillon (Luke Benward) dead, what does that mean about the pact since he was a descendent of the founding pact makers? And what about Tess (Haley Lu Richardson) and Springer (Brock Kelly)? Weren’t they aware of the pact too? And if they were supposedly safe because of a deal they made with Gabriel Abbadon (Griff Furst), with Dillon now dead does that make them unsafe and susceptible to death?

Oh, and now that Original Caleb has been released, are the remaining four teens that much closer to breaking the curse? And speaking of Original Caleb, is Gabriel able to complete the pact since Original Caleb is now wandering free?

The most disappointing part is that the writers crammed so much into the final episode in an attempt to wrap things up that it just felt rushed. This show deserved more time to grow and to create back-stories for the people in the town. It seemed to me that Luke had a troubled past, same with Remy, yet we never even got to understand that because of the rushed finale. There was so much the writers could have done with the characters, and I just felt like we barely got to know them.

With so much hinted at, it’s a shame that we were left with so little to hold on too. I highly doubt they could have kept this show going as long as Pretty Little Liars will, but I think a season or two would have done this spin-off justice. Take away the serious overlap with Pretty Little Liars (other than them happening in the same world), and I think this could have been a pretty fantastic show.

To wrap it up, I think Ravenswood had true potential. It was a horror movie every episode, with the enemy being supernatural and making it all the more scary. But with the struggles they had trying to gain approval from devoted Pretty Little Liars fans, and isolating other viewers by incorporating the Pretty Little Liars characters, it just couldn’t lift off the ground.

So with a heavy heart I say goodbye, Ravenswood; you will be missed.

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