Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Chef Dena Marino at SOBEWFF (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Alex Guarnaschelli talks how she stays excited about food

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Chef Dena Marino at SOBEWFF (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Chef Dena Marino at SOBEWFF (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Alex Guarnaschelli, executive chef of Butter, TV personality and author, calls herself “a chef without a hobby.” As a highly trained and experienced chef and the daughter of respected cookbook editor Maria Guarnaschelli, Alex Guarnaschelli knows a thing or two about food. Her Michelin-starred restaurant is known for its American and green market-inspired menu and she’s known for her high food standards and philanthropic efforts. 

In an interview with Kelsey Cortez of The Daily Quirk, Guarnaschelli listed, “eating, cooking, and being unabashedly immersed in what I do for a living,” as some of the ways she stays excited about food.

I’m a chef without a hobby because my career and my hobby are one-in-the-same,” Guarnaschelli stated. “I like to go to the green market, I like to go to the super market, I like to shop and I like to watch people shop.”

The chef stated that looking at food and shopping for food is “a constant refreshing” because she sees foods she likes, but may have forgotten about.

As a chef, there are some ingredients Guarnaschelli cannot live without (besides butter, of course).

“I really struggle when I don’t have a jar of Dijon mustard,” Guarnaschelli said. “I get extremely upset.”

The chef also plays favorites when it comes to her selection in salt.

“Specifically, I’ve become quite addicted to Malden salt,” she said. “I have my box of kosher salt, which I love, but I also need that box of Malden. I’ve gotten used to the texture—if you think about how many times chefs grab salt in a given day—I’ve gotten used to grabbing the Malden.”

Guarnaschelli added that she is partial to sherry vinegar and red wine vinegar as well because they are “piercingly and unpretentiously bright.”  

The chef also stated that Butter has just moved to a location in Midtown. Although the staff will remain the same, the new location makes for a nice way for the restaurant to stay fresh. Guarnaschelli added that she and her staff enjoy eating and exploring new restaurants together.

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Chef Alex Guarnaschelli for sharing her insights with us. She has given us some delightful, dare I say, food for thought!  


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