5 Easy Ways to Revitalize Your Hair!

Hair (Image Credit: Andrea Rose Murrow)
Hair (Image Credit: Andrea Rose Murrow)

Winter is finally dwindling down to the last few flakes and spring is right around the corner. You are probably hard at work on your new beach body and trying to get rid of the excess winter weight. But your body is not the only thing that needs some revitalizing- your hair probably needs it too! Bring on spring with beautiful, healthy hair with the following 5 tips.

Lay off the heat for a week… or two

We all know heat styling damages hair overtime. You would be amazed what taking a week or two off from using heat can do for your hair. This means no straightener, curler or blow dryer. Allowing your hair to have some recovery time can help it mend some of the damage.

When you must use heat, protect your hair

It can be pretty close to impossible to not use heat on your hair. Feel less guilty about it by using a heat protector before you place the iron on your hair. Using a heat protecting spray or balm will help shield hair from harmful heat plus add shine and strength.

Wash your hair wisely

Washing your hair too often can lead to dry, brittle and lackluster hair. Try not to wash hair everyday or else you may end up making your hair look limp and lifeless instead of full and shiny. If your scalp tends to get oily, use a dry shampoo between washings to absorb excess oil.

Take your vitamins

This is a solution that won’t work overnight but may work miracles in the long run. Taking a daily vitamin and hair supplements such as Biotin can work wonders on your hair form the inside out. By getting the right vitamins and minerals, your hair can grow thicker, faster and stronger.

Rub in some coconut oil

The new “it” product in hair care is coconut oil. Not only is this oil great for your hair, it smells absolutely delicious. If you have a super dry scalp, try rubbing in a dime sized amount there and down your hair after a shower. If you’re lacking shine, rub a small amount throughout dry hair for shiny, luscious locks.

Dull, dead looking hair can be a major bummer, but with these tips you can turn your hair from disaster to bombshell in no time. Drive out any lingering winter blues with revitalized, gorgeous and healthy hair.

Image courtesy of Andrea Rose Murrow

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