At home facial essentials for every skin type and budget!


As a busy college student I know how important it is to set aside time for myself. We all need some “me time,” or our crazy busy schedules would, well, drive us crazy! A little self-pampering can be a great way to relax and rejuvenate. At home facials are a wonderful way to treat your body and give tired, dry, stressed out skin a reboot. What better way to spring forward into the new season than a relaxing at home facial? To achieve the perfect at home facial there are a few essentials you must have.

Get a rotating brush.

A brush is one of the most important items you will need for an at home facial. By cleansing your face with this tool before applying a mask, surface dirt, oil and makeup is cleared from your skin. There are many brands that offer excellent brushes for every budget. Clarisonic, Olay and Neutrogena are great brands to try. My personal favorite is Olay’s Pro-X line. This brush has two different heads and comes at a great price. If you’re feeling like splurging on yourself, Clarisonic models are simply some of the best.   

An exfoliating scrub is key.

Choosing the brand and type of exfoliating scrub you use with the brush is also important. There are many options and brands to choose from. If you have a favorite scrub of choice—use it! Never feel compelled to use a product that comes with the rotating brush you buy. Clinique makes an exfoliating scrub great for oily skin. If you have dry skin, be sure to use a gentle exfoliant that isn’t harsh on sensitive skin. I am also partial to Olay’s Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser. This cleanser is tough and gentle—perfect for combination skin like mine.

Choose the right mask for your skin.

There are oodles of pre-made masks to choose from at the beauty supply store. Knowing which one will suit your skin best can be tricky if this is your first at home facial. My personal favorite that is great for any skin type is Now’s European Clay Powder. Simply add warm water to this fine powder and apply to your skin. You really can’t go wrong with all-natural ingredients. Origin’s Clear Improvement is also great for all skin types. This mask includes activated charcoal, white china clay and lecithin to draw out and dissolve impurities in the skin.

Don’t want to splurge on pre-made treatments? Open up your kitchen cabinets! There are so many ingredients you may already have that can be used for at home facials. Need to clean out your pores while adding moisture? Scrub your skin down with a brown sugar and honey mixture. Apple cider vinegar works wonders as an after-facial toner. Oatmeal, plain yogurt and a tablespoon of honey is another combination that will give any skin type an extra boost. There are many recipes for at home facial treatments online—start perusing Pinterest!

Finally, you must have a moisturizer.

Many facials work to exfoliate and clear oil and dirt from pores. While this is obviously necessary, if you skip out on moisturizing post facial your skin may be left red, dry and patchy—oh my! Even if you have oily skin it is almost always best to moisturize regularly and especially after any facial treatment. My favorite brand by far is Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Face Lotion. It’s a great everyday moisturizer and contains SPF 15 sunscreen—bonus buy! If you prefer a lotion with au natural ingredients, try on Burt’s Bees’ Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream. This is also a great daily moisturizer that won’t clog your pores.

Now that you know the essentials for a relaxing and effective at home facial, it’s time to add some “me-time” to your to-do list. There’s no better way to pamper yourself than in the comfort of your own home on your own time. Put a fresh face forward this spring. Happy relaxing!

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