VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with Writer/Director Brett Allen Smith and the Team from ‘Never’

The Crew of NEVER (Image Credit: Franko-Niko Valencia/The Daily Quirk)
The Crew of NEVER (Image Credit: Franko-Niko Valencia/The Daily Quirk)

In Never, Writer/Director Brett Allen Smith highlights the complications of navigating relationships when you’re still on a journey to discover yourself. Denim (Zachary Booth), a newcomer to Seattle, falls in love with Nikki (Zelda Williams), a struggling musician, who just happens to be a lesbian. As their relationship grows and complicates, the audience is taken along for an emotional and moving look at what defines a modern relationship.

The Daily Quirk got the chance to talk to the team behind Never, Writer/Director Brett Allen Smith, Producers Andrew Schmidt and Bradley Maurer, Production Designer Caitlin Nicole Williams and Cinematographer Benjamin Verhulst, at the Cinequest Film Festival about the inspiration behind Never, what it is about unconventional love stories that appeals to us and their experience at Cinequest. Watch the exclusive interview below!

Reporting by Ashley Bulayo | Production by Kelsey Cortez | Written Content by Ashley Gebhardt | Camera by Franko-Niko Valencia (Freelance)

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