Hangover (Image Credit: Mislav Marohnić)

Tips for Getting Over a Hangover

Hangover (Image Credit: Mislav Marohnić)

Hangover (Image Credit: Mislav Marohnić)

Although I often find myself suffering through them, hangovers are far up on my list of most hated ailments. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to avoid such misery, the symptoms normally include nausea, vomiting, headaches, dehydration, jitteriness and the like. While lying in bed generally unable to function, you also get to piece together the prior evening and relive each regrettable moment. Not sounding appealing to you? Well, besides the obvious suggestion to drink less, here are some methods known to lessen the blow.

Water, water, water

Basically, drink as much water as humanly possible. This should be done at night and in the morning. When you get home and all you want to do is immediately pass out in your bed, take those few extra steps to the sink and chug away. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me from near death the next day. Recently, my roommate even filled our blender with water and took it to bed with her (although there are probably better solutions). If this just seems too impossible at the moment, make sure to drink as much as you can right when you wake up, or your headaches, nausea and insane mouth dryness will be much worse.

Eat if possible

This may be TMI, but I’m the type of person that just cannot hold anything down the next day if I’ve had too much to drink. It can take me hours upon hours to be able to successfully eat a cracker. I suggest that anyone like me stick to small sips of water, ginger tea and maybe some Tums. However, for those of you who don’t have such problems, eat away! Although I’ve never quite understood the reasoning behind this, so many people swear by greasy foods, claiming that they “settle the stomach.” This is a perfectly reasonable excuse to eat two bacon cheeseburgers and a side of fries.


Yes, I know, this probably sounds insane. In fact, this is completely insane in my book. The last thing that I want to do when I’m hungover is get out of bed and do anything requiring physical activity. I do know a fair share of people, though, that claim exercise is the best way to start feeling better. If you have it in you, try pushing yourself to go for a run, jog or even light walk. Once you get up and out, you might feel like a new person. Just can’t do it? Try to at least get outdoors. Fresh air and sunlight can do wonders.

Obviously I am not a doctor, and I can’t promise you that anything will cure your hangover. I can only dream that such a thing will someday exist. However, I know plenty of people that will vouch for these methods’ success. Try them out if you find yourself in the hell that is a hangover. Happy partying!

Image courtesy of Mislav Marohnić
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