Winter Fashion You Can Bring into Spring!

Winter to Spring

There are some things in life that are hard to let go of—and if you’re a lover of this season’s winter fashion—luckily, you have the permission to hold on just a little bit longer. Layers, booties, patterned cardigans and leggings…all the looks we cherish this winter can actually stick around this spring. The trick is to know what to pair your winter clothes with, so that spring and winter fashion combine in a (hopefully) perfect harmony. As you start to get ready for a little spring cleaning, re-evaluate the cables and knits you would normally move to the back of your closet in anticipation of warmer weather.

First things first…do not ditch your sweaters. Although it’s easy to equate our long, cozy sweaters with winter, they can actually be paired with different shorts and dresses at the start of spring. Try paring a long patterned sweater with a simple tee, jean shorts and a flat boot. You can also use the sweater to compliment a simple dress, either for a casual or dressier look. For the cooler spring days, grab your sweater; add a pair of high waisted jeans, strappy wedges and prepare to stay both warm and stylish all day. You can also hold on to your blazers…pairing them with jeans and shorts for a sophisticated and stylish look. If you own a bold and colorful blazer or sweater, consider pairing it with a black dress to create a look that pops.

Winter to Spring 2Then there are your boots. Flat boots, tall boots, booties….they can all stay too. The biker boot, for many, was a favorite look this season, and if you’re one of those in favor, they can come with you into the spring. Try pairing them with a little black dress for a look that’s sexy, comfortable and maybe even a little badass. You can also combine the flat-boot-look with spring dresses and skirts. If you’re not a dress person, these winter boots can also be paired with shorts and sweaters as we ease into the next season.

Leggings—in my opinion they are actually pants, and luckily, have a place in this spring’s fashion. Pair your winter leggings with long tanks and tees for a casual yet put-together look. Take it one step further, and add a wedged sneaker or statement shoe to the mix. You can also dress up this look by wearing a textured legging, like the wet-look legging pictured above from Top Shop. These leggings can be paired with simple or patterned tops, and the best part is…well, you already know…they are incredibly comfortable.

Out with the old, in with the new? Not entirely. This winter season brought style that deserves to stick around just a little bit longer. So go ahead, take a little inventory of your closet, and indulge in this seasons favorites before we head into spring!

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