Home Decorating (Image Credit: Burrs&Berries)

The Best Apps and Sites for Decorating Your Home!

Home Decorating (Image Credit: Burrs&Berries)

Home Decorating (Image Credit: Burrs&Berries)

Decorating a new place can be a difficult task. From deciding on color schemes to taking infinite measurements and arranging furniture and the like, it’s probable that you’ll feel extremely overwhelmed. However, the wonders of this technological era are here to help. Endless apps and websites are at our fingertips to simplify the decorating process, and these are some of the best out there.

The part that I probably hate the most about decorating is measuring every single inch of space. It’s tedious, but there really is no way around it. One way to make things a little more fun is to use the app Photo Measures, $6.99 USD for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad. It allows you to take pictures of room areas and then add in the corresponding measurements. This way, instead of writing down measurements in a notebook and then proceeding to forget what they’re for, you can visualize the space and measurements all at once! Similarly, the app SnapShop, free for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, allows you to take photos of your home and then virtually insert furniture from their library. Sure, it’s probably not the exact piece that you’ve imagined, but it’s helpful to get a general idea of how it would look.

Everyone and their mother (even mine) has heard of the website Pinterest by now. Membership is free, plus you can make customized boards with themes like “future wedding,” “food,” “cute puppies” and pin photos of whatever inspires you. Although the wedding boards can get a little weird sometimes, Pinterest is exceptionally useful when you’re doing something that is actually in your immediate future, such as decorating. There are tons of home-related boards out there with unique ideas for all different styles and tastes. Just be warned that pinning is strangely addicting.

Although sites like Pinterest are great, it can be helpful to get ideas from someone who is actually a professional (as opposed to this person who’s planning a rabbit-themed home… unless bunnies are what you’re into). That’s where apps like Houzz Interior Design Ideas, free for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, and Dream Home, $0.99 USD for Android, come in handy. Both offer high-quality photos of interior design inspiration. This way, you can get some professional advice right on your phone. Can it get any easier?

I’ll be the first to admit that coming up with a color scheme can be challenging. I know how it goes: Do I go for jewel tones, pastels or maybe more earthy colors? Well, not to worry, because Benjamin Moore Color Capture, free for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad and Android, has come to the rescue. With this app, you can take a picture of any scene and a personalized color palette will be created from the colors in your image. This is particularly beneficial if you’re painting, since the app also gives names of the Benjamin Moore paints that match up to your specific shades.

Finally, my personal favorite part of decorating a new place is finding unique pieces at antique stores or garage sales. It’s almost a 100% guarantee that none of your friends will have the same items in their homes. The Yard Sale Treasure Map app, free for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad and Android, is perfect for this, as it shows where yard sales are located within 20 miles of you. Although you can normally get lucky and spot one or two while just driving around, this might help make your route a little bit more direct.

Don’t let decorating get the best of you. It does take patience, but it will all be worth it in the end. Take your time in figuring out how to plan out your space, including furnishings, color palettes and general themes of your home. With these apps and sites, it will be a piece of cake. Have fun with it!

Image courtesy of Burrs&Berries
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