ONCE UPON A TIME (Image Credit: ABC)

5 Things to Look Forward to on ‘Once Upon a Time’

ONCE UPON A TIME (Image Credit: ABC)

ONCE UPON A TIME (Image Credit: ABC)

We’re two episodes back into Once Upon a Time. I admit, this show is a guilty pleasure. It’s both delightful and ridiculous at the same time. I love how all of the stories have come together but sweet mercy if the midseason finale didn’t seem like a series finale?

Where is the show headed now? A year is missing? A new villain or two? There’s so much to look forward to, I can hardly limit myself.

More Hook.

Yes, please and thank you. Captain Hook has been one of the best additions to the show and I’ll be damned if he’s who gets killed off this spring. Not only is he dreamy, but his affection for Emma is adorable.  Did I mention that he’s dreamy? Because he is.

Robin Hood & Regina.

Will they or won’t they?  Earlier this season we found out that Regina’s true love is Robin Hood. She doesn’t know it, we know it and hopefully something is going to happen. Regina deserves some love and my goodness they could actually be a cute little family of three (Robin Hood has a son).

Wicked Sisters.

I love that this show taps into every fantastical world there is. We’ve had Neverland, Wonderland and now we’ve got Oz. The Wicked Witch of the West has arrived in grand style and turns out, she’s Regina’s half sister. I sort of saw that one coming but I can’t wait to see where it goes. And it’s quite devious to see her “undercover” in Storybrooke and volunteering to deliver Snow’s baby.  Time for Emma to use her super powers and figure this witch out.

Rumple Lives!

Oh, I do love Mr. Gold and I’m so happy he’s alive, even if he’s back to being crazy creepy Rumple. And the fact that he’s caged up by the Wicked Witch and no one knows he’s still alive? Drama!

New characters.

I love how this show continues to bring new characters into the story and bring back old ones. Looks like Rapunzel is coming soon and perhaps Thumbelina or any other of my favorite childhood fairytale characters will appear at some point. I love how creative they get on this show and the character possibilities are endless. I only hope it keeps on going because I do love this show.

What are you looking forward to seeing most on Once Upon a Time? Let us know in the comments!

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