Dog Clothes (Image Credit: Flick User Stéfan)

Our Top 5 Favorite Weird Pet Products

Dog Clothes (Image Credit: Flick User Stéfan)

Dog Clothes (Image Credit: Flick User Stéfan)

For many people, pets aren’t just furry little friends. They are children with paws. And while almost every pet owner is guilty of spoiling their companion, there is no limit to the extent some people will go to to ensure their pet leads a life of luxury.

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that there are some rather odd products out there for pets and pet owners. We’ve assembled a list of our top-5 favorite weird pet products. Keep reading to find out what made the list!

The Litter Kwitter

As a cat owner, I can attest that scooping cat litter is not a fun chore. You have to deal with bad smells and litter formulas that coat everything in dust. There are times where I find myself wishing I could let my cats outside like dogs – or even better, teach them to use the toilet! Well, clearly this is a common wish, because products exist that claim to teach your cat how to use the commode.

The Litter Kwitter promises to teach your cat to use the toilet in 8 weeks or less. It comes with a series of inserts to place over the toilet seat for various stages of the training process. While I admit the thought of never scooping litter again makes this a tempting product, I know I already have a hard enough time fighting other people for the bathroom – I don’t need my cats standing in line as well!


If you live in a cold or snowy climate, it makes sense to purchase boots for your pup to prevent his or her paws from getting frostbitten or injured by ice or road salt. For the fashion-conscious dog owner, Pugz make a great (if somewhat dubious) compromise of function and fashion. With a suede and sheepskin design that mimics the popular Ugg boots many humans wear, your pooch can become a puppy fashion icon.

If you don’t live in an area where weather conditions can be dangerous for your dog’s paws, fret not! You can still use this product. The creators of Pugz suggest strapping the boots on your pet indoors to prevent his or her claws from scratching your floors or furniture.

Luxury pet apparel

As I mentioned earlier, many pet owners think of their pets as children. It makes sense that they would want their animal friends to be well dressed at all times. For the pet owner with a little extra pocket money, diamond collars and designer pet clothing can be purchased at many internet boutiques. Owning ID tags or leashes encrusted with precious gems ensures you and your pet will be prepared for any black tie occasions that may come your way. In fact, with some of the creations out there, your pet may be the most dressed individual in attendance!

Pet high chair

We’ve already established that pets are family, so it makes sense to want them to eat at the table, right? While some bigger dogs might manage a regular chair just fine, smaller pets might not be able to reach their food while dining at the table. Luckily, there are a number of high chairs designed for pets available for purchase. You essentially clamp a basket to your table, allowing your small dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or other pet to reach their meal at family dinners. There is no way allowing your pet table-top access could possibly go wrong.

Fish Walker

Fish are largely regarded as the most boring pet to own. You can’t play with them, you can’t teach them tricks and you can’t take them anywhere…until now. A man from Huddersfield, England, thought his fish were looking rather unenthusiastic, so he essentially invented a stroller for them. The inventor claims the goldfish perked right up after a brisk walk outside of his home. I’m not entirely sure if it was the walk that energized them or the adrenaline rush from being dragged around outside.

As long as there are pet owners, there will be weird inventions to attempt to make life easier for pets. I’m sure cats, dogs and hamsters everywhere appreciate the concern.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user Stéfan
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