Food is Love (Image Credit: Dan4th Nicholas)

5 Signs You Have a Love Affair with Food

Food is Love (Image Credit: Dan4th Nicholas)

Food is Love (Image Credit: Dan4th Nicholas)

Having a love affair with food can be tough. Our affection can lead us to a very real obsession with food, sometimes even causing us to put our hunger before other people. But have no fear fellow foodies, you are not alone. Here are 5 signs that you, too, are having a serious love affair with all things delicious.

Your entire day revolves around thoughts of your next meal.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing at the moment; the only thing on your mind is the next time you’ll be eating. This can even be during a meal. At breakfast, you think about what will be for lunch, then after lunch, you can’t get dinner plans out of your mind. Even after dinner, the thoughts of cheesy bread from Domino’s can’t quite escape your mind. Trust me, It’s a vicious cycle.

90% of your Instagram consists of photos of your meals.

I shamelessly belong to this category of people. Besides the photos of my cat, the majority of my Instagram is full of food images. When people like us sit down in front of a beautifully crafted meal, sharing it with the world seems like a necessity. Whether you’re snapping a photo of your own creation or being judged in a restaurant for the flash photography happening at your table, the perfect image must be captured.

All of your money goes towards food.

Literally just about every penny to your name gets spent on takeout, Sunday brunch and groceries. Yes, things like new clothes or a night on the town can be worth the price, but let’s be real: any food lover would choose his or her favorite meal over most things in the world. Self-control is key in this department, or you will end up homeless and hungry. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You know what it means to be “hangry.”

Being hangry is legitimately one of the worst feelings known to man. For those of you who have never experienced such a sensation, it basically is anger brought on by extreme hunger. This typically will not subside until food is presented and immediately devoured. In order to avoid becoming hangry, never, ever diet, or it will be inevitable. A hangry person is not someone you want to be around.

Your Pinterest board dedicated to food is by far your most extensive.

The inner foodie in me can browse Pinterest for hours upon hours just scrolling through different images of food. Some people can do this with fashion or houseware, but any foodie can’t resist pinning every recipe available on the Internet that could be utilized in the future. A recipe left unpinned is a potentially good meal lost.

Image Courtesy of Dan4th Nicholas
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