VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with ‘Noble Fir’ star Richard E. Wilson

Richard E. Wilson on NOBLE FIR (Image Credit: Franko-Niko Valencia/The Daily Quirk)
Richard E. Wilson of NOBLE FIR (Image Credit: Franko-Niko Valencia/The Daily Quirk)

Noble Fir is an emotional film about tree-harvester named Henry “Hank” Dean (Richard E. Wilson). Hank is struggling with personal grief, and is losing control over his life. As he wanders with a wounded soul, body and mind, Henry has a choice: continue the life he’s made for himself, or to walk out

from the trees that have trapped him in. Noble Fir explores the complex emotional state of grief, and how it can feel both hollow and full within a person’s life.

While at the 2014 Cinequest Film Festival, The Daily Quirk sat down with Noble Fir star Richard E. Wilson where he talked about how living in Tokyo landed him the role, how he prepared to portray Henry and the grief that came with him, and what it means to him to have the film at Cinequest. Check out the exclusive interview below!

Reporting by Ashley Bulayo | Production by Sean Torenli | Written Content by Chelsie Skroback | Camera by Franko-Niko Valencia (Freelance)

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