Simple Ways to Add a Nautical Touch to Your Home


I am not a beach girl. Despite growing up about an hour away from the Jersey Shore, I can think of about a million other things I’d rather do than sunbathe in the sand all day or go boating with the wind in my hair. Despite this, I am a huge fan of all things nautical – clothes, jewelry, decor – you name it. Of course, you don’t need to go full-on sailor to incorporate some nautical pieces into your life. At home, for instance, all you need are a few simple decorations to feel like you’re living life by the sea.

Some cheap options for nautical décor include  or a striped picture frame (which many a nautical-lover probably already have in shirt form), and this chic tabletop compass. To get a little more inventive, Nautical Rope Lanterns are a functional and subtle nod to your seafaring style, and can be recreated with a little bit of DIY magic if the price gives you a bit of sticker shock.

If you don’t mind splurging a little, whale bookends are an adorable way to nautical-ize your home. They’re a little pricey, but it’s a really cute whale, ok? Besides, everyone needs something to help hold their books up, right?

Porthole Mirror (Image Credit: Thos. Baker)

Porthole Mirror (Image Credit: Thos. Baker)

For the grandest nautical item of them all, I present to you the porthole mirror. Did anyone know that this was a “thing”? I sure didn’t, but it certainly excites me. Imagine looking in the mirror and feeling as though you’re out to sea – it doesn’t get much more nautical than that! For some this may be a little overboard (pun so intended), but it is a small accent piece that will contribute in a big way to capturing the ocean vibes.

Some more quirky touches that will leave you yearning for the sea air include a ship’s wheel to adorn your wall, a model ship to sail your shelves, an octopus pillow to get cozy with and a ship’s bell to ring whenever it’s time signal “Ahoy” for meals!

You don’t need to get a boating license, shop at J.Crew or even participate in Talk Like a Pirate Day in order to live the life of a sea-lover. When it comes to décor, the details go a long way in transforming your home to match your favorite style.

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Battery operated lantern

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