Neon Nails (Image Credit: Katya Zoom)

Five ways to salvage a smudged mani!

Neon Nails (Image Credit: Katya Zoom)

Neon Nails (Image Credit: Katya Zoom)

We’ve all had this moment: You just got your nails done and then suddenly that perfect glossy finish gets smudged. Ahhh! How? When you get your nails done the topcoat may appear and even feel dry, but the coats of polish underneath are not dry. Cue the dreaded smudge. So what do you do? Taking off all that pretty polish is simply out of the question. Lucky for you, here are five no-fail ways to salvage a smudged manicure…

  1. There’s the obvious tried-and-true way. Try taking a dab of nail polish remover and lightly smoothing it over the smudged nail. This will even out the surface of the smudge. Then, paint one coat of polish over the nail, and let it set. Finish with a clear topcoat, and your smudged nail will be good as new! The only downsides to this method are that you need to have the same polish color in your repertoire at home and allow for drying time.
  1. Put that nail file to work. If your smudge is towards the tip of your nail or the polish starts to chip and crack a few days after your manicure—file those nails down. By simply using a nail file to neatly buff away cracks and smudges, the rest of your nail will be left untouched, and your nails will look neat and clean after a good filing.
  1. Just lick it. What? Weird, I know. I haven’t tried it myself, but according to Women’s Health if you give your smudged nail a little lick and use your finger to smooth the smudged area it will do the trick. Don’t knock it before your try it! A little spit may be your easiest mani fix.
  1. Prone to smudges? Try glitter polish. Next time you’re picking out the color for your manicure, top it off with a glittery, shimmery topcoat. Brands like Essie, Sally Hansen and O.P.I. (try Liquid Sand!) have many color and texture options to choose from. It will be much harder to see smudges and marks with a textured topcoat on your nails. And bonus: these types of topcoats tend to last longer, so your mani won’t chip or appear smudged.
  1. Repair the smudge with a special polish. Spend a little money on a bottle of Nutra Nail Instant Smudge Repair. Simply brush a coat of this clear smudge-correcting polish over your nail and voila! Your nail will look much better than before. You can find Nutra Nail at most drugstores like Walgreens or buy a bottle on Amazon. Having a smudge-saving polish like this in your bathroom cabinet is guaranteed to come in handy.

With these five tips and tricks you are now prepared to salvage any smudges or cracks that come between your nails and that perfect nail polish shine. To better prevent after-mani smudges, try running your nails under icy cold water to make sure the polish underneath that quick-dry topcoat has set. Say hello to a beautiful and shiny smudge-free mani!


Image courtesy of Katya Zoom

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