ZOMBEAVERS (Image Credit: Jonathan Hall)

‘Zombeavers’ set to invade the Tribeca Film Festival

ZOMBEAVERS (Image Credit: Jonathan Hall)

ZOMBEAVERS (Image Credit: Jonathan Hall)

The Tribeca Film Festival is quickly becoming one of the premiere events to check out the latest and greatest in the world of horror films each year, and this year’s selection is sure to delight fans of big scares and dark humor alike. TFF will be screening 11 horror films including The Canal (Ivan Kavanagh), Der Samurai (Till Kleinert), Extraterrestrial (Colin Minihan/The Vicious Brothers), Indigenous (Alastair Orr/Max Roberts), Summer of Blood (Onur Tukel) and Zombeavers (Jordan Rubin, Al Kaplan, Jon Kaplan). You didn’t read that wrong. TFF will be showing a film called Zombeavers, and it’s about exactly what it sounds like.

Zombeavers tells the tale of a group of college kids vacationing in a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods, surrounded by no one but a creepy neighbor and a lake. When the group discovers a beaver dam, things start to get tense. Soon zombie beavers are overrunning the cabin and the group is fighting for their lives.

After seeing the preview, it’s pretty easy to tell that this movie isn’t entirely meant to be heavy on the horror. The language is foul, the jokes are crude and there’s even a scene where one of the girls who was bit by a zombeaver turns into one. It’s absolutely laughable, but that’s the point.

I’ll admit, when I first heard the news about Zombeavers I was thought this was the worst idea ever. I was convinced this movie was not a good idea and would be unbearable to sit through, similar to how I felt during Sharknado, but I’m going to admit I was wrong. I think the purpose of this movie is to make people laugh along with the scares, and if moviegoers watch with that mentality I don’t think they’ll be disappointed.

I’ll end this with my favorite quote from the movie trailer to help you understand just how hilarious this movie will be: “We cannot turn against each other right now. It’s exactly what the beavers would want.”

Zombeavers will be showing at the Tribeca Film Festival Saturday, April 19 at 10:30 PM at Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea and Saturday, April 26 at 11:30 PM at AMC Loews Village 7, in New York, New York.

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