Brunch (Image Credit: Basheer Tome)

What’s the big deal about…brunch?

Brunch (Image Credit: Basheer Tome)

Brunch (Image Credit: Basheer Tome)

Brunching has always been a thing. Maybe I’ve just been living under a rock, but it seems like its popularity has shot up recently. All of a sudden, Sunday brunch with the ladies has become a necessity among the twenty-plus crowd, and for good reason. Here are some justifications for taking up brunching A.S.A.P.

You can eat anything and everything.

Brunch is the perfect excuse to eat literally anything that you want, hence the “breakfast” and “lunch” union. Whether you’re in the eggs benedict mood, could really use a massive Belgian waffle with bacon on the side, or would prefer to eat a black bean burger, nobody is going to judge you. Maybe you just want all of the above, and that’s OK too. When else do you have this opportunity?

You can drink by noon.

So normally if I were to day drink on a Sunday with my girlfriends, I might get a few disapproving glances. However, when Bloody Marys and bottomless mimosas are being served, nobody will bat an eye. Sure, not every weekend needs to involve mid-day drinks, but they are definitely a nice touch here and there.

 Weird outfits are OK.

My friends and I are notorious for rolling up to the local brunch spot in last night’s clothes (normally some ripped tights or a weird mini-dress-sweater combo), smudged eye makeup, and hair sticking out here, there and everywhere. Once we get past the few judgy glances on the walk to our table, nobody even seems to notice. Remember, most brunch-goers are having the same struggle.

Feel like you’re Carrie Bradshaw.

If you want to take a classier route, there’s also the option to put on your chicest attire and pretend to be part of the Sex and the City cast. You and your friends will look just as fabulous, and will probably be the most put-together group in the place. Really, though, was there ever an episode where they didn’t brunch?

 Gossip hour.

With all your friends around a table of delicious food and drinks, what better time could there be to exchange stories? Brunch is the perfect opportunity to catch up on everyone’s juicy details from the prior evening or two. By the time Sunday rolls around, there’s sure to be some good weekend gossip.

Sunday funday.

Sundays are never actually all that fun. Brunch is probably one of the only things that actually makes Sunday live up to the funday that it supposedly is. I don’t know about you, but food, drinks, and friends are all I need for the day before Monday a little less rough. Brunch away, friends!

Image courtesy of Basheer Tome
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