Sun, Sand and Stories: 10 Books to Read This Summer

Summer Books

Summer time is right around the corner. School will be out, vacations will be underway and that means plenty of reading time for everyone. No matter how long your to-be-read list is currently, don’t miss out on all the great new releases coming soon in May through June. Here’s a list of 10 books to get you started.

May is a big month for books. To start the summer planning off right check out The Accidental Book Club on May 6 by Jennifer Scott. Main character Jean Vison finds herself running a book club unexpectedly with six other ladies. Each of the women deal with the various dilemmas life hands them as they bond over their potluck meals and book discussions. Later, on May 13, Kaui Hart Hemmings rolls out her next book The Possibilities. Based on the success of her previous book The Descendants, this will not disappoint. The novel takes place in Colorado where main character Sarah St. John is dealing with the loss of her son. It’s a beautiful story about what Barnes & Noble calls “subtle poignancies of grief and relationships.”

Later on May 20, Emily Giffin’s book The One & Only will become available. Known for her funny, light-hearted love stories, Giffin continues her legacy with the story of Shea Rigsby. Rigsby grew up in a small Texas town and stayed there with the close-knit community even after college. After a disaster makes things less calm, Shea starts to question her life and the place she’s called home her whole life. Lastly, on May 29, The Vacationers by Emma Straub comes out. After a successful short story collection, Straub returns with a full novel dedicated to one of the characters from a particular short story. It’s about a family off to Mallorca for a vacation/anniversary celebration with extended relatives. What better to read while you vacation with family than about another family who deals with the same embarrassments as the rest of us? BookRiot says it’s “suffused with humor and humanity.”

June 3 brings the next three books to be pointed out. First is The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henríquez. This heartstring-tugging story is about a Panamanian boy and a Mexican girl who fall in love. Both teens moved with their families to America and end up living in the same Redwood Apartments with other immigrant families. Henríquez’s website says that “woven into their stories are the testimonials of men and women who have come to the United States from all over Central and Latin America.” Next up is I’ll Be Right There by Kyung-sook Shin. It takes place in 1980s South Korea. The main character, Jung Yoon, narrates her own story and that of her friends from college. With a phone call from a long time ex, memories flood back to her from a troubling time. Experience not only Yoon’s personal struggles but also that of a politically troubled Korea. Finally for June, Hungry by H.A. Swain is a futuristic tale in a time where food is not needed by anyone. Instead they take “inocs” to keep hunger at bay. Main character Thalia runs into a problem when she starts to feel a rumbling in her stomach unknown to her world. She ends up mixed in with an underground movement to bring real food back to humanity.

This list is going to be brought to a close with the last three books coming out on June 8. Landline by Rainbow Rowell is about the marriage of Georgie and Neal. When Neal take the kids without Georgie, she wonders if she could’ve done anything differently in their troubled marriage. Then she uncovers a way to communicate with her husband in the past. California by Edan Lepucki is a debut post-apocalyptic novel about a couple Cal and Frida. They leave the city in favor of the wild. After Frida gets pregnant they go back to mainstream society which may be tougher than they bargained for. Uncaged is the last book on our list, but the first book in The Singular Menace series for young adults. Written by John Sandford and Michele Cook, the series premiere starts when Shay Remby makes it to Hollywood to find her brother, a hacker. He and some friends, all activists, target a research lab to attack. Her brother reaches out frantic about the things he’s seen in the lab. After a visit from the lab’s security team, Shay is determined to save her brother.

There you have it! A little romance, some post-apocalyptic fun, good old slice of life and even some more cultured reads are all here for your enjoyment. Mark your calendars now before you forget.

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