THE LITTLE MERMAID (Image Credit: Disney) / Sophie Turner (Image Credit: Suzi Pratt)

‘The Little Mermaid’ Live: Dream Picks for Ariel and Prince Eric


THE LITTLE MERMAID (Image Credit: Disney) / Sophie Turner (Image Credit: Suzi Pratt)

THE LITTLE MERMAID (Image Credit: Disney) / Sophie Turner (Image Credit: Suzi Pratt)

The little kid inside all of us is giddy over the news that Sofia Coppola will be directing a live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. We’ve gotten a glimpse of this kind of adaptation in the past, with variations of Snow White, Peter Pan and Cinderella. However, I don’t think there is a story with as much influence as The Little Mermaid. That being said, the casting for this is going to take time and precision. The first shot at a live action adaptation of this classic has no room for error; the world is watching, and impatiently at that! So, who do we think should play the roles of Eric and Ariel? It’s not an easy choice, but these actors/actresses would be ideal to play these iconic characters.

Sophie Turner

What I love about Sophie Turner is her sweet and innocent nature, which is much like Ariel’s. Oh, and naturally she’d be a good fit because of her gorgeous head of long red hair. If you’ve seen Sophie play the role of Sansa on Game of Thrones, you know she has some serious acting skills and even more potential. I would love to see her take on the role of Ariel, as she embodies not only the right kind of innocence, but also the courage to go out on her own.

Emma Watson

There have already been rumors circulating that Emma Watson is the Ariel-to-be, and honestly I wouldn’t be disappointed if they were true. Emma Watson is right for the part for so many reasons. I know, I know, her lack of red hair makes it hard to see. But photoshop some gorgeous red locks on her face and see how easy it is to picture her as the title character. Her sweet facial features and natural awkwardness that somehow ends up seeming confident makes her perfect to portray Ariel.

Colton Haynes

When it comes to casting Prince Eric, there are a few traits that are a must: dark hair, a strong jaw and muscles. Colton Haynes embodies all three of those traits, and personally I think he looks like an ideal cartoon-to-real-life transition. You want someone that is kind and approachable, but still has a strong and sophisticated look. Colton Haynes could be a great fit.

Ben Barnes

 Ah, can you say dreamy? I think Ben Barnes is absolutely my choice for Prince Eric. He embodies the same qualities as Colton Haynes, but I think resembles the image of Eric a little more closely. Besides, he already has experience playing a prince, thanks to The Chronicles of Narnia.

Who do you guys think would be a good fit for Ariel and Prince Eric? Leave a comment below and let us know! We can’t wait to see who Sofia Coppola and her team choose for the adaptation of this classic fairytale. In the meantime, enjoy some Anna Kendrick.


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