Skyline (Image Credit: Emily Parsons)

The #100HappyDays Challenge

Skyline (Image Credit: Emily Parsons)

Skyline (Image Credit: Emily Parsons)

Have you seen the #100HappyDays hashtag pop up on your Facebook or Instagram feed? This popular new challenge strives to help users live in the present. You can start at any time by posting a photo of something that makes you happy every dayfor 100 days. It’s a difficult task, but Instagram, Facebook and Twitter users are participating in the challenge in order to remind themselves of the cheerful moments that they experience on a daily basis. People who are a part of the challenge tend to appreciate the little things and become more optimistic. There’s nothing wrong with that!

(Image Credit: Emily Parsons)

(Image Credit: Emily Parsons)

100HappyDays states that 71% of people gave up on the challenge because they didn’t have enough time. It’s too bad, because the people who successfully completed the task have claimed to receive more compliments, be in a better mood and fall in love during the challenge! It seems like this internet phenomenon is definitely worth the time.

I’m on Day 28 out of 100! My sister and I decided to do the challenge together on Instagram because we loved the idea and thought it would be a fun way to keep each other updated on the exciting moments in our lives. It’s been difficult to make sure I post a photo every day…A few of my pictures have been posted right before midnight. I think the most important part of the challenge is to recognize the little moments that have made me smile. I’ve taken pictures of nature, street signs, my dogs, new shoes and cards that I have received. I’ve also been clicking on the #100happydays hashtag and checking out other people’s photos. There are some really cool and inspiring photos from other users!

Flowers (Image Credit: Emily Parsons)

Flowers (Image Credit: Emily Parsons)

The most important part of the challenge is to learn to be in the moment. If you’re in a new environment, look around and see if there’s something that makes you smile. If you always take the same route to school or work, see if you notice something that wasn’t there before – it might be your Instagram opportunity!

I highly recommend the #100HappyDays challenge. My sister and I are happy with the progress we’ve made so far. I’m eager to see the moments that we capture in the 72 days that we have left! Wish us luck!

You can sign up for the challenge at 100HappyDays. Great things are bound to happen.


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