Jennifer Lawrence (Image Credit: Christopher Polk/WireImage)

10 Gifs or Less: Getting to know Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence (Image Credit: Christopher Polk/WireImage)

Jennifer Lawrence (Image Credit: Christopher Polk/WireImage)

When I say Jennifer Lawrence, it’s okay if you get excited. I’d even be okay if you fangirled a little bit, because she’s just that awesome. Between her screen presence in The Hunger Games franchise and her witty comebacks in interviews with the press, it’s hard not to love her.

So, we at The Daily Quirk scoured the Internet for some of the best, signature GIFs of the actress and her adorable, quirky nature. Here are five we think sum up everything you need to know about JLaw:

She’s got mad talent.

JLaw Gif 12

Look, if you’re concerned that she’s only talented on the silver screen, you’re wrong. She’s obviously got way more talent than we ever expected – and she still looks good while doing it.

She knows no shame.

JLaw Gif 3AJLaw Gif 3BJLaw Gif 3C

Girl just wanted her mints, and can we blame her? Mints are the best form of food, but if there’s one thing we know about JLaw, it’s that she loves her some food.

She and Josh Hutcherson need to get together.

JLaw 11

As in right now. No more excuses. Why can everyone see it but them?

Even her attempts at ugly expressions are adorable.

JLaw 9

Seriously, if I made that face it wouldn’t be pretty. You’ll just have to trust me on that.

She’s always got something great to say.

JLaw 10

There’s almost nothing better than Mean Girls on its own than if you throw in some JLaw. She’s just a caring, hilarious, wonderful human being.

Bonus GIF.

JLaw Gif 8

Why isn’t there a petition to make this the official MGM logo? I’d watch more movies if she was the lion.

To pick just a few GIF’s of such a wonderful person is hard, because just about every one has something worth sharing. We know we probably missed a couple, so let us know if you’ve got a favorite JLaw GIF that’s better than these. Leave the GIF in the comments below!

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