VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with ‘Just Before I Go’ Star Mackenzie Marsh at Tribeca Film Festival

Mackenzie Marsh (Image Credit: Tara Robinson / The Daily Quirk)
Mackenzie Marsh (Image Credit: Tara Robinson / The Daily Quirk)

In Just Before I Go, Ted Morgan (Seann William Scott) decides to return to his hometown to complete a bucket list of revenge against people who have wronged him before ultimately committing suicide. But as Ted begins to revisit the people from his past, like his former crush Vickie (Mackenzie Marsh), a touching drama with a good strong dose of off-color comedy unfolds as Ted realizes he’s not the only one whose life hasn’t turned out the way they planned.

The Daily Quirk caught up with the lovely Mackenzie Marsh on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Just Before I Go to talk the film and what attracted her to the film. Watch the exclusive interview below!

Reporting by Kelsey Cortez | Camera by Tara Robinson & Dan Maiorana | Production by Hannah Foureman | Written Content by Ashley Gebhardt

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