Clear Nail Polish (Image Credit: Danielle Scott)

5 Curious Uses for Clear Nail Polish

Clear Nail Polish (Image Credit: Danielle Scott)

Clear Nail Polish (Image Credit: Danielle Scott)

I’m a funky nail polish kind of girl. I’ll wear just about any color under the sun, as long as I can’t see my natural nails through the paint (oh, the horror). Nope – unless it’s serving as a topcoat for a midnight blue or a sea foam green, clear nail polish does not touch my fingertips, thus taking forever to use up a bottle.   So, for all those who have had the same bottle of clear polish sitting idle on a shelf for years, here are five clever uses for clear nail polish.

Costume Jewelry Savior

It’s so upsetting to take off a cute, inexpensive ring at the end of the day, only to find that it left a green stain on your skin. Painting clear nail polish around the band of a costume jewelry ring (or any other piece of costume jewelry) will keep it from tarnishing and leaving unwanted marks on your skin.

Envelope Sealant

Because licking envelopes is no fun and tastes terrible. Using clear polish as a seal is clean, effective, and helps avoid tongue paper cuts.

Button Protector

According to LifeHacker, painting over the stitches on a button keeps it from falling off. As a non-sewer and frequent button-loser, this is probably one of the greatest tricks I’ve ever learned.

Smudge Proofer

Ink tends to smudge — particularly when it comes to information that we really, really needed to hang on to. Painting a coat of clear nail polish over marker or ink will keep your labels and notes nice and readable.

Nail Polish Designer

Mixing glitter or loose eye shadow with clear polish can create a completely unique nail polish made for you, by you. Of course, then you’d need to go out and buy another bottle to use for all of these other tips.

With so many other uses for clear polish, you may eventually find yourself dedicating a special bottle just to plain old top coating purposes. Suddenly, see-through doesn’t seem so boring anymore.

Image courtesy of Danielle Scott
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2 thoughts on “5 Curious Uses for Clear Nail Polish

  1. missmidnightsparrow says:

    I knew all of these tips except for the “eyeshadow” one and now I’m extremely excited to try it out!

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